A Mercy revert could revive Overwatch


The rework led to many players uninstalling the game including me. It may not have seemed like a large hit at the time but it was. The player drop was undermined because of 3 reasons.

  1. We didn’t all pack up and leave simultaneously. We slowly drifted away individually.

  2. New players were still buying the game for the first time and were possibly pulled in by the controversy.

  3. Many of us hoped that Blizzard were going to realize their mistake and revert her. Similar to how Valve reverted steam after trying to introduce paid mods.

Some people might have never even played during 1.0 Mercy. I believe a lot of players who enjoy the new Mercy do so because they have nothing to compare it to. Either they bought the game after Season 5 or bought it before but didn’t have substantial hours on her prior. She was really something. One of the lowest winrates in the game but highest pickrates. Super satisfying, fluid and epic. “Heroes never die!”

Reverting Mercy would not only pull in a boatload of players but also make so many people happy! Less toxicity, less darkness in these forums and proof that the developers care about their community.



Overwatch doesnt need to be revived, and we never need to have mass rez in our game again.

If you dont like new Mercy, ask for a more interesting ult or a new rework. She isnt being reverted.


Not happening. Resurrect as an ultimate was unhealthy for the game and removed for the intention of improving the game – both for Mercy herself as well as her teammates and enemies. It isn’t coming back, much less in a weird appeal to bring people back; which is a weird thought, “We’ve reverted the game to a less than ideal state that we originally fixed, please come back to our game.”

People would be leaving Overwatch with or without Mercy 1.0. In fact, I’d sooner say that the rework helped keep people in the game, not only because it was like playing a new hero, but because had the problems with Mercy persisted, more players would have left earlier. Hard to say much on this point, but people were threatening to drop the game over Mercy, the same way people will find any hero they don’t like and use that as a justification for leaving. (Never minding that just leaving the game because you’re not having fun with it anymore is just as much justification.)


That’s literally what valkyrie is. It was in the game before mass rez and the developers decided it was unhealthy for the game and removed for the intention of improving the game.


if mercy was reverted, even more people will decide to leave.


you could say it’s unhealthy but it’s way healthier than mass rez.


The problem is no matter where a hero sits, people will be unhappy. Remember 1.0 Mercy, nobody like spending 3 ults in a fight to have a hero fly in and bring them back. If you don’t enjoy playing Mercy, play Ana, Zen even play tank or DPS. I think mercy is fine where she is as a low skill floor high skill ceiling hero which allows other main healers to have a chance of being played even if they are more difficult or may not work in certain situations. A balanced hero is a character that works sometimes, not constantly for the 2 years.


Reverting Mercy would revive the game as much as Symmetra 1.0. The only thing you might find is more people fighting with his team mates because somebody else took Mercy from that player, which happens a lot too now.


If Mercy isn’t reverted, there won’t be many people left to leave.


Uh no the game is doing just fine.

The entire revertmercy army could uninstall and Blizzard wouldnt feel it.


I don’t want it back. As someone said. Use multiple ults and one hero erases your victory.
Mercy is much better this way.


Mercy was bad with mass rez to begin with. It was counter intuitive to her intended playstyle.


If a revert is going to happen, at least make her Rez LOS and take away the invincibility buff, maybe give her a 1 second cast time, or make her take less damage when she rezzes. There were so many ideas for Mercy, yet they all get erased with the simple “Thanks for your feedback”.


you speak as if more than half the community of overwatch stopped playing because of the mercy rework lol. mercy isn’t the only hero in the game but reverting her would back the toxicity and the hate to mercy mains, calling us all boosted again. no thanks i much prefer if people didn’t notice me than call me out for things that i haven’t done.


The game was much less toxic before the rework.


I’d say nothing will change in that matter ;p


technically a rework. people should really stop saying the word “revert” because it’s super misleading and people think we want the mass rez back without any drawbacks.


People sometimes just dont understand that you or ANYBODY for that matter plays the game just for fun, and then they assume things that if you are in high ranks and play mercy, bam BOOSTED. Like geez, cant I be good at Mercy or what?


Valkyrie was scrapped because it was unhealthy before the game came out.
Mass Res was scrapped because again it was unhealthy for the game.
Reverting to Mass Res won’t fix anything, its just going from one bad thing to another.


At this point, give Mercy the option to kill herself, it would be way more effective for everyone.