Mercy will get her own patch


The reason I say this is because they could rework 5 heroes in one patch, but mercy getting one buff would get more coverage because of how controversial and popular Mercy is.

I don’t think they would want a mercy buff or rework to overshadow anyone else. If this is the case, we are gonna be waiting a LONG time.

A Mercy revert could revive Overwatch

Merzy is fine right now


If they are planning on reverting the hero. I will be more than willing to wait for it. :blush:

Fingers Crossed. #RevertMercy :heart:

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Statistically this statement is incorrect. Every other support is out preforming her.

Based on statistics you can gather, if you bring in every supports healing, armor given, damage, damage boosted…Mercy is by far the weakest out of the group.


Factually this is also incorrect. She has the second highest healing output and third highest pick rate. Yes her win rate has gone down, but that’s not enough evidence to prove she is UP.


Mercy is fair and balanced right now.
Most characters can’t be all three so get used to it.


There is always a weaker support. Now it’s mercy’s turn to be outsider. This game is called overwatch, not mercy: the game


I am not talking out her healing output because of corse she would be the 3rd best at that.

I am including her overall impact on the game. It is extremely small compared to others. I made a forum called Mercy is underperforming and in this thread I calculated every supports damage output, healing output, damage boost output, armor output and in the end, Mercy was at the bottom of the list. Before the last nerf she was 3rd to last.


everyone thinks because mercy was in a overtuned state no one wanted that she needs to be obscure for a few months, thats not balance thats bad design. All you are doing is putting the flame spotlight on another support.


Oh sorry, I completely disagree with you.

Mass res was in fact fair, fun, and balanced for me. In fact, it was so balanced that they had to give her invincibility, just to make her viable.

Yes, I believe that Mercy is very much in a bad state. She could certainly use a revert.

Mass res with LoS, damage reduction instead of invincibility, and a 1 second cast time with the ability to cancel her ult? Oh that would be simply marvelous! Yes, I simply must continue to ask for a revert. But we are both entitled to our own opinions! :blush:

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


2nd best*

And also, you stated that all the other supports are ‘outperforming’ her. Be careful how you word things then.

But it’s not. If a hero has the second highest healing output, the last thing they’re doing is having a small impact on the game.

Well 2 of those don’t even apply to Mercy. And I’ve already said, she doesn’t have the lowest healing output. Not even close.


Old roadhog aka one shot man was in fact fair, fun, and balanced for me


What does that remind me of…?


I’m pretty sure he means during fight impact


‘Overall impact on the game’.


This and overall impact in a game.

Mercy is at the bottom of both.


Before I start. I do not care about rework mercy being buffed or nerfed. Her kit itself is unfun and I am avoiding playing her since months anyway.

The main problem for me is that she is in the exact same state meta wise like she was before rework. With one big difference and that is: Being boring to people who once loved playing her. It doesn’t even matter if her state in the meta is balanced or not… Important is, that she is in the exact same state just more boring for many former mercy mains and even current mercy mains.


Even if they don’t revert her, at this point anything is better than Res on E with constant cooldown.


Can’t go back to the old mercy. She was in a horrible state. Much better now IMO.
The very basics of mercy was to do as little as possible, and only engage when you could ressurect teammates. There was literally no thought put into playing her…


Truly, Res on E with a fixed cooldown has to be the worst game mechanic I’ve ever seen for this game.

Such a mechanic needs not to exist, my opinion.

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a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.