7 vs 7 would literally fixed everything wrong with overwatch pvp

2/2/2 Cons:
Tanks are boring.
Supports are kinda boring.
DPS is over played.
No wants to shoot shields all day.

Tanks would get buffed back to normal to atleast (2018). When they was strong and fun back then.
Support would have more protection.
DPS queue times go way down.
More DPS to shoot shields.
Tanks would be playable in FFA.


It probably would… but what does it matter, they ain’t going to do it.


Engine difficulty may be what holds it back. Granted I do feel this is a good Idea.


But then damage would need to be nerfed overall. 3 damage and 2 tanks? Imagine how fast squishies would die on average.

You could never peek. There would almost always be a widow on each team no matter what.

Squisies Hp would need to be boosted, but then tanks would be out of balanced since they can’t take all that extra damage and dive squishies…

I mean honestly… you would have to tweak ALL numbers in the game to balance 2/3/2


“the cost would be extremely high”

Well maybe give us something to spend our money on other than garbage tier lootboxes and smurf accounts.


How old is that post? Anything can happen. Some game change dramatically overtime.

January 2020, so I doubt it is possible even with the OW2 engine revamp


I really think this is what they’ll do in OW2. Remember when Jeff made some statement about making more vanilla ice cream (or something like that)? He may have been talking about adding another DPS slot to teams. And OW2 is an engine overhaul so they could allow the new engine to run 7v7


This creates its own problems, kind of like how 321 did

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laughs in roadhog dominating FFA comp


I need a link pls lol

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I want 2-3-2, but I understand it will take work, which they can’t do yet because OW2 is a lot of their resources atm.

  • Obviously tanks would need to be buffed back up. I literally said that. It’s not that hard. Literally just give them their health from pre armour overhaul era. And buff their shields a ton.
  • Damage need to be nerfed? Lol! Damage need to nerfed right now. In 2-2-2 era. For a 200 average health game. You get rekt. That’s why DPS is so popular. The support and tanks shoot marshmallows or don’t have no range.
  • I feel like heros like tracers and flankers would be okay in 7v7. Flankers would have to wait to flank until the fight get chaotic. Also one tracer bomb would have a higher chance of getting more kills in 7v7.
    Don’t act like genji and reaper ult don’t get shut down anyway in 6v6.
    Don’t act like doomfist don’t get stun 4 times in a row and instant die anyway in 6v6.
    Who else flanks?
    Don’t act like McCrees ult don’t get shut down anyway in 6v6 anyway.
  • Hitscan try hards are annoying anyway.
    Say you are playing against a good widow maker.
    A Winston, tracer, widow maker, Ashe and Ana can counter her. Cut that. The whole team can shoot at her together. Widow makers would have to flank more. Which is not bad for the game.
    I thought the high ranks hate widow maker? If you not good enough for widow? Then get rekt. Atleast 5 out 7 people can shoot at widow. Nobody like getting rekt by Hanzo arrow logs. And try hard widows.
  • “Group up or die” should be overwatch 2 slogan.
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Yes. If they are smart. All the dumb eingine limitations. Like how player models can’t be loaded into the game, while active. Which also prevents gun models being swapable. This would be something they setup as well.

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Maps were designed around 6v6, game modes were designed around 6V6, engine was designed around 6V6, even some heroes were designed around 6V6. So it would need a departure from 0 to make 7V7 a thing, maybe it’ll come with OW2?

I’m sure 232 would present zero issues whatsoever…cause we’ve all played it before and know exactly what will happen

People can’t even properly think through the implications of a single balance change…let alone changing the entire way the game is played


Lol. Hog is literally the only tank playable in FFA. The new dva might be playable. But I want all the tanks playable in FFA lol.

Also, hog get rekt once everyone switch to reaper, Hanzo, fan the hammer McCree or any tank killer lol.

Really, while I’m not so sure I’d go so far as to say it would fix “everything” as balance would still be an issue, it’s the only route that feels like a truly viable “solution” at this point.

Blizzard has made it pretty damn clear they have no intention of making any real effort to catch Support and Tank heroes up to DPS. 1/3/2 and 2/3/1 would force extreme homogenization on whichever role ended up solo and would mean losing a massive amount of inter-hero interactions and comps.

Barring Blizzard magically learning how to balance and being willing (and able) to push Supports and Tanks out fast, the only way to really fix queues is a compensation change and 2/3/2 is the only one that would result in massive losses.