7 vs 7 would literally fixed everything wrong with overwatch pvp

He have a point with the “you can’t force players to play tank, like you can’t force people to eat strawberry ice cream”. But he also basically said “tanks feel alone” in 1/3/2.

That’s what’s wrong with 1/3/2. Also in 1/3/2. Tanks would have to play the same boring tank every match or they would get reported. And it would be more stress on them to shield the team.

I wouldn’t be surprised if even less people played tank in 1/3/2 . In that 1/3/2 experimental mode. Zarya and rein was the only 2 good tanks. So tank players would have to play rein and zarya 24/7. Or get reported.

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The actual problem it would be, aside from engine/ server issues, is that the maps are too small for what 7 versus 7 could do.


No what I’m saying is in the context of 2-3-2. Same logic as 1-3-2 except the tank doesn’t feel alone, everybody wins (of course this would need balancing)

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Genji ult is way better than Reaper ult.

Do you remember that bug where you coukd have 12 bots on each team? I think that its very much in the realm of possibility, its just that the devs are either too preoccupied with ow2 for such a big change, or they’re lazy.

Do you remember how it crashed the servers a lot of the time to use that glitch?


No. Sad.
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2-3-2 would certainly help with the imbalanced character roster vs available RQ slots and overall queue times.

It seems that developers going for the esports angle want less players as opposed to more players though so I wouldn’t hold your breath :dizzy_face:

The only other thing I can think of is lowering each team to 4 and having 1-2-1 as the comp. It’d lead to smaller, more personal matches where everyone contributes more and tanks and supports can feel decent (all rebalanced to be able to solo).

On top of that it would better resemble the way Archives mission setup of 4 player teams. The engine wouldn’t need an overhaul to handle it.

Edit: Oh, and the ratio of DPS to the other roles in a match would be higher than in 2-3-2, so queue times would be hit harder.

But I do this on the regular currently. Why would this supposedly only be possible with 2-3-2? Additionally, how would either 2-2-2 or 2-3-2 affect a mode that doesn’t even have teams?

I would at the very least like to try this on the ExC. I think they said at one time that they didn’t think the maps were big enough for 7v7, but I would still like to try it!

  • Tank’s shields and armor was nerfed like a year and a half ago. Because people don’t like shooting shields.
  • If overwatch turns into 2/3/2 (3 DPS). Tanks health and shields would be buffed back up.
  • More DPS = shields break faster. So all tanks would need a major buff.
  • So tanks would be playable in FFA because their shields and health would be thiccer :muscle:
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Doesn’t sound like a horible idea on the surface

Don’t know if the game could handle it though

The game can’t even allow you to change your hero when echo ults you, let alone increase the number of players per match by two, which means more crazy, pc preformance demanding stuff being thrown out at once with the potential of mcdonalds wifi

Wait, so people don’t like shooting shields but the next three points you made was to increase barrier health.

7v7 No Limits would be fun.

They nerf shields a year ago.

If they made 3 DPS teams.

The shields would get destroyed too fast.

They would have to buff shields because of that.

Imagine 3 DPS with the shields we have now.

There would be no protection from widows and hanzos.

Why would they buff tanks? Right now they are the strongest role. If it were 2/3/2 they would still be the strongest role. I am unsure there would need to be tank buffs.

7 vs 7 would literally fixed everything wrong with overwatch pvp

Except it might actually kill the game, from a technical standpoint and a financial one.

Why do yall think this is the holy grail of balance changes when the game has literally never been 7v7?
I think it’d be terrible. There would be too many Ults in one game to balance around. Ult cycling would be insane and be the most effective way to win.

I don’t think you understand. If they had another DPS added to teams. Shields would be broken faster… So tanks would need to be buffed in 7v7 because of that.