7 v 7 could save the day

There should be a 36v36 mode. Balance solved. Every hero has a 100% pickrate and 50% winrate.


its genuinely funny how this thread develops, yet op has written nothing of substance but merely ad hominem against fellow posters. this is peak entertainment. exactly what i signed up for coming into this forum.


I uplift fellow posters through intrinsic insight.
After all, supports are known for having the best field of view.
I frequently agree with anything that holds validity.

It’s funny, because theres nothing that proves that the stats there arent a lie.
Think for a second, where do you think they’re getting those numbers from?
Out their as.s lol.
Go on here for a second htt.ps://activeplayer.io/how-we-collect-data/ and read

All data such as the monthly user count, the Users chart, the table presented are the result of extensive research on a specific game. We run through numerous statistics websites that offer statistical data for the game such as statista..com, steamcharts..com, newzoo..com, gamstat..com, and more. I entered these data on software and produce detailed and improved results.
All data presented by ActivePlayer..io are all estimated data and should NOT be used as factual reference. We have developed an algorithm that generates data using the already available values from the market.

Apparently, the data isn’t even theirs, they yoink it from other pages. So go ahead, find somewhere outside of activeplayer that shows a live count of how many players are on Overwatch 2. You can’t, because only Blizzard knows.
Best info we can get is something like Google trends, and it sure doesn’t look good lol

What year is it again? Lol! I feel like I’m stuck back in 2001 with this.

Focus and agency. The more players per team, the less likely a weak link will be singled out and harassed. Also, leavers and trolls will have less impact with larger team sizes.


Right? Like why do we not already have 100 player matches already like Fortnite? And where’s the open-world MMORPG mode? And the hundreds of heroes? Other games did it so so can Overwatch!!!

Not like that kind of stuff has to be consciously developed or anything anyway :woozy_face:

Yeah, it’s definitely possible. They just don’t want to.

I don’t recall anybody saying it isn’t possible to expand it to 7v7.

My bad, I thought you said they said the system couldn’t handle it.

Well we agree then. They could do it.

It apparently can not comfortably support more than 12 players is what I said. Not could not.

And probably will not because it’d most likely be a complete waste of time and resources.

At this point for sure. Hopefully they know better for next time.

I’m sure they will know not to waste time optimising the engine for compositions that are most likely terrible in the future. No worries there.

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It’s not surprising they chose the easy route this time around considering how much they have been fumbling recently.

That’s what 5v5 was once, and the players didn’t like it. They did it anyway, and honestly… it makes the game boring, annoying, and pointless.


That was the case when Ashe was introduced right? Bob made it 6v7 or 7v7 when she ulted and broke some things so they had to recode a lot of how the game handles player numbers and things related to it.

It’s always possible to recode the engine to make it work how you want it to, the problem is is it worth investing time and labor into doing so.

That’s the thing, the game technically plays great. The problem is the outcome of matches and we’ve all seen the many submitted reports that have very… kind words about it lol

It was and it apparently continued to be the case until at least 2020

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People who say dumb things need to be educated. Was not defending or helping anyone I was simply trying to balance out the narrative that anything above 5v5 would be good which it wouldn’t if you didn’t know.

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The entire emphasis of the 5v5 switch was to 1. Increase individual impact even for a role like DPS which is objectively weaker than tank and support and 2. Remove double shield meta, guess what happens if the game goes to 7v7, we get double shield and it’ll be a game of tank differences again because support just healbots and DPS ults, sometimes.

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It increased the individual impact trolls and leavers have as well, and put a microscope on everyone’s performance. This is great for tournaments, but really crappy for casual play.