7 v 7 could save the day

Let’s be honest here, you just outed yourself as a low metal if you were “lucky” to get even 1 tank when everything like plat and above were playing only GOATS. It was so much better than everything else, you would literally win the game if they didn’t run GOATS either. If they did it was minutes long stalemate fights of nothing except, do damage, get ult charge, heal, get more ult charge, and then ult and maybe kill one.

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truth is egoless.
insecurity is bitterness.
in time, you’ll heal.

You are objectively wrong here, 5v5 one tank is literally the best way to for this game to be. Bringing back 6v6 people will complain and we already have enough balance problems to deal with a second tank. 7v7 is even worse because regardless of which role gets +1 that instantly becomes the most impactful role of the game.


Your “truth” is full of falsehoods and ego. None of it is backed by facts. Don’t come the raw prawn with me mate.

its inevitable or the decay of ow
since the exodus hasn’t reversed.
you can’t nerf characters into oblivion
and expect many to play simple math.

I get you’re having your moment and want to sound poetic and all that but bro that was just cringe as hell. :skull:


poetic? truth isn’t flexible.
what hit you with such confusion?
i invalidated the previous respondent
point by point. then you chimed in.
they called for backup. i get it.

Okay stop talking like you’re William Shakespheare and this isn’t the truth. What I said was the truth, we have enough balance issues that we should stay 5v5. 6v6 will be unbalanced as all hell. 7v7 has many issues. 1. Balance 2. Impact will shift 3. Queue times will be even longer to accommodate 14 player games. 4. The game dies because we’ll be back to double barrier or things not dying. Also he did not “call for back up” I saw idiocy and had to come give answers.


If only there were some place in the game or some kind of mode where they could try these kinds of things out. Perhaps a special place in the menus. Or a card, on the same screen where you select Unranked or Competitive. Some sort of Experimental mode or something like that…

Unfortunately, as far as I know, no such thing exists. Oh well.

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There is no place because the engine does not support it. They can’t even test it currently.

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If only there were a key on the keyboard that types a 7. Oh, well. We programmers have it hard.

Troll comment after your sarcastic reply was immediately shut down. Love to see it.

Bro’s just gonna show his ignorance real quick. Learn how code and game development works before saying something that simple like it’s easy lmao.


oh i get it now. this is my thread that i’m responding in.
so thats why you said, “i’m having my moment”
but even with that i was confused bc nearly half of
everything i say gets liked. bc im rooted in
truth. on top of that, i don’t post topics often. so
i don’t have moments. i have memories. since
my activity history is historic. as i’m one of the most
thoughtful forum contributors. bc my perspectives
aren’t 1 dimensional. but yeah i just noticed this is my
thread, bc i didn’t click my direct thread link to get here.
plus, i usually join threads of others. not start one.
unless needing to reprimand or recommend.

fiction. 5 v 5 in itself, is an imbalance issue unto itself. hence, the massive exodus. 7 v 7 or i’ll take it up a notch to 8 v 8. with valid reasoning.

I literally work as a programmer at a game studio that makes AAA games. I know how this crap works. If they did their jobs well, the engine is flexible enough to allow two more players into a match.

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It’s Blizzard, do they ever do their job well?

Backup? As if.

No, you didn’t.

Contradictory statements.

Which is it? Either exceptionals play anyone at any time, or they play the meta and people copy them. It can’t be both.

GOATS was the dominant meta until Role Queue. It didn’t come into existence until 2018, which is when Brigitte was released. Prior to which, Dive was the dominant meta.

GOATS Comp dissection

It wasn’t uncommon, even in metal ranks, to have two tanks. If you had less, then you must’ve been in Quickplay. There was absolutely no reason to not play GOATS.

Good for you, that’s neither here nor there though. It is an irrefutable fact that Brig countered Dive. Dive couldn’t get into the backline and kill the supports with both Brig and Moira there.

Prior to her nerfs, Rally provided 150 armour over health, later reduced to 100. Repair Pack also provided armour over health. Shield Bash could stun, travel through barriers and deal 50 damage.

It wasn’t until Role Queue in September 2019 that GOATS was no longer able be played. From Season 10, when Brig was introduced, to Season 18. It was roughly a year and a bit after GOATS became meta before it was finally dethroned, and only thanks to the introduction of Role Queue and Role Lock enforcing 2-2-2.

Admitted by the OW Staff where, exactly? Support players have already said that they’re not having fun as Support, so they’re simply not going to play Support anymore. Hence the queue times.

If “millions of players” had left, as you claim, then why is it that there is 2.1 million active players daily? Stats don’t lie.

Invalidate this.

In summary, 5v5 is simply better than 6v6 and 7v7. It has a few kinks to work out, but almost every hero is in a relatively good spot balance-wise. There are few heroes that actually genuinely need buffs right now.

Similarly, there are also only a few heroes right now who actually genuinely need nerfs, contrary to the screaming of the metal ranks. Support, as a role, needs help right now. Help that isn’t a buff to healing or damage output.

Aside from that, there’s really not a lot wrong with 5v5. Matchmaking is the biggest issue right now.

reasonable speculation considering they chimed in out of no where seemingly on your behalf.

you were obliterated. point by point. relax.

not at all. bc you said:

exceptionals aren’t confined to any meta. exceptionals set the tone for meta’s. was that clear enough for your limited IQ?

maybe you aren’t exceptional, so you can’t fathom that such was a non factor to me. as well as possibly other exceptionals. when you’re exceptional, ANY configuration can work. so just bc a composition, according to you, dominated, doesn’t mean it actually dominated, it just means that it was heavily imitated. the only factor that dominates anything are exceptionals. not specific meta compositions.

it is here. bc bap isn’t dive. and no one was an issue for me.
provided my team wasn’t excessively ineffective. 70% win rate.
therefore, exceptionals aren’t relegated to any meta as stated.

those who disliked what you call GOATS, its not like their win rate went up. in fact many likely no longer play. which means that impulsively accommodating others but watering down, the fun factor, backfired.

look into it. its out there. if i find it. i’ll link it.

daily? unproven. however, your own link is showing: 178,239 currently.

not clicking on an unknown link. ignoramus.

alright. its looking like 8 v 8 is the new ideal direction.
i can’t think of any maps that can’t support 8 v 8.
as far as the ow engine, overhaul it for 8 v 8, devs.
its time to push ow beyond any current limitations.
turtle movement and napkin damage resulted in endless
uninstalls. only 178,239 online currently. supposedly.

178,239 hourly players. Scroll further down for daily.

that looks believable. unlike other numbers that were floating out there previously. 2mil daily = massive exodus. simple math.