7 v 7 could save the day

Now that 5 v 5 has been a proven failure, 7 v 7 should be implemented.

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5v5 hasn’t been a proven failure at all in my personal opinion.

But regardless, 7v7 is likely never going to happen because according to the devs it would take far too much time and effort to even test let alone properly implement.

Edit: Apparently I wasn’t clear enough but I’m talking about engine limitations. The game apparently can not comfortably support more than 12 players per match. The engine would require significant overhauls for that to be possible.


7v7 would be significantly worse. Triple dps would have too much damage output, so healing would need to be giga-buffed. Triple tank would be way too strong both offensively and defensively. It’s already this way in OQ. Triple support would have way too much sustain so either healing would need to be nerfed or damage would need to be increased.

5v5 is infinitely better than 6v6, in concept. Blizzard implemented 5v5 very poorly, and really needed to rebalance all roles and heroes for 5v5 instead of just taking away a tank.


5v5 or 6v6 was never the problem, it has always been the forced Role Queue.


Oh, I believe them. One could argue they have yet to finish this process with 5v5, even!


With a decaying userbase, devs have all the time in the world.
Maybe that’s how 5 v 5 got approved. “Not enough time”


Assuming that’s true then no, they do not have all the time in the world. Quite literally the opposite in fact.


Assuming that that’s true, then I guess that’s the irony of it. Not enough time for not spending enough time testing experimental 5 v 5. Before user base dwindled. Which is why 7 v 7 is a valid solution for consideration. 3 tanks = brawl. Which immediately restores the fun factor. or to make it exotic, have the 7th be a wildcard, as in any role player chooses.

IMO 5 v 5 is good. I prefer it to 6 v 6. I don’t think that I would like 7 v 7 at all because it would be both too DPS heavy and too much to keep track of. There’s a lot of visual clutter in Overwatch.

Besides, DPS would need huge nerfs in 7 v 7. People wouldn’t be any happier than they are now. They just think they would.

And the devs said that the game engine couldn’t handle it without a lot of work, so they really couldn’t do it easily or quickly.


Yeah, major engine issues aside it’s simply not feasible and would likely be absolutely awful.


i don’t think you realize that there is no greater fun factor configuration than 3 tank brawl comp. Which is why many players auto correct the devs experimental mishap, in unranked.

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As if 5v5 was thoroughly thought out and tested and not a quick bandaid to queues disasters and their inability to balance 2 tanks


Does nothing to change the fact that 7v7 would supposedly take substantially more work than 5v5 (And the product would likely not be even remotely worth the time and effort)

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Experimental its there, might as well make use of it, now i dont think 7v7 is the magic solution but i would like more to bring back 6v6 instead of 5v5


This is what I mean. The current engine apparently does not comfortably support more than 12 players per match. It would require significant overhauls to even test.

fiction. dps has already been nerfed into oblivion. nerfs for 3 tank brawl comp?

While I always wanted to see 7v7, 5v5 works about as well as anything will my books. The issues with it right now aren’t really inherent, just a problem of Blizzard being shoddy and slow at work.

Either way, I think the time has well passed for experimenting with overhauling the core game-play anymore. There’s so much else that needs resources as it is, and as we’ve seen with 5v5, it would take at least a year of work just to get things to the beta state we’re in now.

I would love to eventually see a battlefield style side-mode with double Tanks again though. 10v10 lets go \o/


Oh give it time…

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7v7 could work. Anyone who thinks it wouldn’t is only looking at the current game and thinking we’d just toss 2 more heroes in there.

Adjust the damage, health, and boom. 7v7. It’d be the old game, with 1 more dps, which is what they should have done all along, imo.

Also, with 7v7, one bad player wouldn’t = auto loss, which is one of the most frustrating things about 5v5.


You can adjust values all you like, the clutter would still be insane.