7 v 7 could save the day

All 7v7 configurations are inherently bad. You’d have to rework the entire roster, nerf damage, nerf healing, nerf tanks so they’re less durable. Absolutely nobody would be happy. It wouldn’t even be Overwatch anymore at that point.

Triple DPS? Have fun with combinations like Symm/Torb/Bastion, Widow/Ashe/Hanzo, Widow/Ashe/Sojourn, Tracer/Genji/Sombra, Echo/Pharah/Junkrat. The list just goes on and on.

Triple Support? Nothing will ever die.
Triple Tank? Welcome back GOATS and Deathball.

Quad DPS? Way too much damage, but now with the added bonus of extra synergy. Hanzo/Sojourn/Widow/Ashe, Bastion/Torb/Symm/Echo, Genji/Tracer/Sombra/Reaper. You think double sniper sucked? Try Triple Sniper.

Quad Tank? D.Va/Doom/Winston/Ball. The backline would be non-existent. Rein/Zarya/Sigma/Queen would destroy the frontline. The possibilities are honestly endless.

Quad Support? Not only would there be way too much healing, Supports would have massive synergy. You could have Ana/Zen/Brig/Moira to ensure that the backline is safe from flankers and dive tanks.

Even if you were to tone everything down, the amount of synergistic options you have with more than 2 of any role is just impossible to balance without completely reworking the entire roster.

Never heard a game was never the game it was by increasing the numbers of players in one lobby. It has been done since the dawn of FPS games. It does work, countless FPS games can prove it does.

Overwatch isn’t classified as a fps, though. It’s a hero shooter. There is a tremendous difference between Call of Duty and Overwatch.

You’re not balancing the power of firearms here. You’re balancing 36 characters each with their own individual unique abilities and ultimates. 3 abilities per character, you’re looking at 108 different abilities that all work very differently from each other. Then you’ve got ultimates, and each character gets one. That’s 36 ultimates.

All heroes operate at different ranges, too, so that’s yet another factor. Some have larger health pools, while others have smaller health pools. Some have armor, while others don’t. Some have bigger hitboxes, while others have smaller hitboxes.

Then there’s damage. Some heroes are projectile type heroes, while others are hitscan. Some characters deal a high amount of damage, but are limited by their range. Some characters can fly. Some characters have mobility, while others deny space.

Then, to top it all off, there’s healing and things like shields and utility.

Absolutely! Goats really was a fun meta to play where people wouldn’t die for 3 minutes. The dps role unusable and that didn’t change till role queue was introduced.

Posts like this are funny - like the OP’s ideas are better, with no proof, just because they say so - publicly announcing to the world how great their opinion is.

Narcissism is funny like that.

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It is also not considered a MOBA, they confirmed it.

As I said, Overwatch is a hero shooter. It is neither a MOBA nor an FPS. Just because increasing the numbers works for an FPS, does not mean it will work for Overwatch.

excessive fiction. bc ow entire rosters has been nerfed into oblivion a zillion time over, and still is underpowered present day. which hero’s are better than they were as introduced? nearly one. point proven.

i don’t call it that. i never have. i’m not a regurgitater.
i don’t assigned illogical names to anything. 3 tank
brawl fest regardless of what you call it is the proper
direction. although any 7 v 7 is better that 5 v 5
scattered snooze fest. Quad? only an idiot would
ever assume that Quad was ever imagined. 0 IQ.
i get it. desperation to inflate your argument.

Easily solved by setting roles for each of the DPS heroes and limiting snipers to 1 per team.

narcissism? would you like to know what i’m responsible for?
on second thought, your fragile ego couldn’t handle it.

It doesn’t matter what you call it. That’s the name for specific metas.

This is a team game. Under 7v7, there’d be even more room for synergistic picks no matter which role got extra players.

If by “proper direction”, you mean “How to kill a game 101”, then sure. Tanks have always been quite powerful, even under 6v6. Three tanks is already quite common in OQ, and ruins the integrity of the mode.

GOATS, which consisted of three tanks and three supports, became the dominant meta where the only reliable counterplay was mirror-matching, and boiled down to which team has the better players.

It wasn’t entertaining for spectators, and it wasn’t fun for players either.

If 5v5 is a “scattered snoozefest”, then clearly Overwatch isn’t for you. Why don’t you go play Apex, Fortnite or something?

You realise how much work this would be, right? There are so many synergies within the dps role alone. With quad dps, you could have combinations like Tracer/Genji/Sombra/Reaper. That’s four flankers. Supports would uninstall Overwatch and not even bother playing.

assigned by who? it doesn’t matter what its called. plus exceptionals aren’t relegated to any meta. exceptionals play anyone at any time. meta’s only apply to ineffectives.

and few carry their weight. which is WHY underpowered heros, prevent exceptionals from carrying the overweight.

fiction. 1 tank ruined the integrity of Overwatch’s entire reputation.

every game DOES irrespective of composition or configuration.

5 v 5 isn’t for millions. which is why millions departed.

Well TF2 sure did last a long time.

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Again, assign a character to a role then limit the # of each role that can be on a team.

Again, that’s a ridiculous amount of work.

You really don’t know what you’re saying. What’s meta is generally only played by “exceptionals”, because everything else is less effective. Educate yourself.

If someone is “exceptional”, then they can carry. If they can’t, then they’re not exceptional after all.

Fiction. Triple Tank, Triple Support dominated the meta until Role Queue was released. It completely removed the dps role.

Fiction. Counter-picking exists, and lineups like GOATS had one weakness: Dive. Dive couldn’t be played into GOATS because of Brigitte, since she countered Dive. No matter how skilled the “exceptionals” are, they cannot win by putting themselves at a disadvantage.

Fiction. Supports stopped playing Support. Many swapped to dps or tank.

no dummy. meta is a hero selection concept copied by the crowd from exceptionals, as in expectionals may set the tone, as i did with bap, however exceptionals can play anyone, whereas those who copied, “meta” don’t or can’t. in other words, the crowd plays whoever their favorites play. however, a handful of their favorites can play anyone and aren’t relegated to any meta. was that clear? ignoramus.

so if devs released a new character and ineffectives regurgitate OP as they do endlessly, then mindless devs accommodate a nerf, are exceptionals expected to carry ineffectives? on top of an invalid impulsive nerf? see how dumb you are? “nerfed into oblivion but still carry me, even though i cried for nerfs”. GTFO ignoramus.

fiction. as there are fewer vids online of what you suggest (triple) than there are of double, dummy. dominated lol disingenuous dimwit. in fact, during those days, half the time you’d be lucky to get 1 tank let alone 2. and 3 was an insignificant rare occurrence. fictitious ignoramus.

fiction. i’ve melted 1000’s of brigs. as ow own logs would illustrate.

those who may have flex and not actually played support may’ve done so. as admitted by ow staff: 80% of player base that use to exist, wasn’t flex. which means millions departed as stated, rather than suddenly becoming flex. which is what you suggest. besides, 2 things can be true dummy. 0 IQ. the validity of my remarks outweighs the stupidity of yours.

Your remarks have zero validity, and are backed only by your own inflated ego in thinking that you are right. If you’re going to argue, use facts and logic instead of lashing out with insults believing yourself to be correct. You’ve only managed to diminish your own arguments.

If your saying 2-3-2 then DPS better be getting gutted because they do way too much damage now they did way too much damage in 6v6 we really don’t need a third one