2/3/2 with 7 players?

Might work honestly. Would obviously require an entire redesign but with the state the game is in right now, I dont see that as a way too big problem.

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I’d personally prefer 2-2-2-1

2 tanks, 2 dps, 2 healers, 1 utility
it would finally make a place in the game for the likes of Sombra and Symmetra, you could even throw zenyatta in there honestly

as we’ve had many threads before and developer feedback. it wouldn’t work. OW is highly optimised for 6 players per team


That is why we are going 321. It is basically the same, but better.

“optimised for 6 players”
idk man, is it really that optimised? I dont feel much of it.


That’s what papa jeff said. I also personally think people have wanted changes to role numbers due to q times. Changing the role q isn’t the issue. Instead incentivise support and tank more or create some sort of dps priority currency?

I know Jeff said it would take a lot of work for 7v7, but I personally think it would be worth it. The game would feel so much fun.

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Honestly I dont care about the DPS q times as a main tank but its still a major problem the game has. But yes, tank is in an awful state right now but it really doesnt seem as if the dev team wants to change that.

The engine is pretty old and can’t keep up properly, but it would be a lot worse if we had 7 instead of 6 players.
Engine overhaul will come with OW2 for everyone

Personally I’ve actually been playing a lot of tank since the recent patches. The nerfs make most of the tank cast a somewhat decent pick now. It feels like all tanks have their places. Although I do think sigma’s ult interrupt is a bit meh and orisa should have a small barrier hp buff.

Why do people keep going on about this when they specifically said this was not an option due to how optimized they are for 6 player teams?


Jeff Kaplan addressed it in the 132 thread:

He says that it is expensive…
If they think it’s not worth investing in OW anymore they should just say it
So we aren’t getting any new heroes till OW2 because it’s expensive?
That’s the state of OW since 2016…they never had enough people and money to work with.

What i’m saying is that for beign their gold mine IP they threw it away…imagine if LoL (which i don’t play) got the same “treatment” it would be in the same situation as OW now, which is “not the best”

7 players = more relies on team, more struggle. 6 players are already difficult to manage to work together.

What if 1,2,1? Smaller faster games.

can you guys stop these stupid 7v7 topics please? Don’t ask me why, just think about how stupid it is to play 6v6 already in terms of screen clutter.

The 7v7 topic keeps coming up because it’s a damn good idea.

7v7 and more was possible in custom games with little to no issues before they fixed the bug that made even 12v12 teams possible a while ago.
The problem is consoles because of their limitations which i dont care too much for as they could make it a PC only thing since its the main platform for OW anyhow.


Jeff said it is too expensive.