2/3/2 with 7 players?

Beyond just being designed for 6v6, Jeff said it’d be impossible to run the game with more than 12 players in it due to technical limitations. Game performance would have to suffer.

Also, adding another player isn’t going to make the game feel better for you if you don’t like 6v6. It’d only make fights feel more randomly decided.

Where did you see a custom game with 7v7?
I’m pretty sure there are only 12 slots locked for dummy-bots and players together.

I meant it was possible before they fixed a bug in custom games. You could do up to 12v12 and 7v7 ran fine if i remember correctly.

It sounds at least much better than 1/3/2, but it sounds like an incredible amount of work for Blizzard, so I don’t think it would ever happen ;-;

they are a billion dollar company and this could save one of their our most succesful game , but it would mean them putting effort into doing something productive , what obviously they cannot even start to fandom the idea off

people should always take into account the lazyness of the ones i dare not say the name off , before proposing ideas :stuck_out_tongue:

personally i like the idea but like someone else said

this person

i think making it 2/1/1/1/2 so 1 hitscan , 1 utility and then 1 poopy design category that can’t be put in either but still need a category could be better

utility “sombra , mei , sym”
PS : i think sym would need buff to her utilty tho because tp alone isnt enough actually tp is a really bad team ability that barely anyone outside of the sym uses , unless its a taxi from spawn #BringBackShieldGen #MakeHerWallSlowAndDamagePeopleWhoTryToPassThroughtIt

hitscan “ash,soldier,widow,mcree and i would also add hanzo i know he isnt one but he might aswell be one”

Poop design “doom , torb , bastion , pharah , reaper”
PS : i don’t insult any of those heroes i think some of them like torb and bastion and reaper are great and i love playing with them but their design prevent them from having a proper role

PSS : if they would rework/nerf doom like they should into being mostly an hypermobile high CC providing dps so pretty much hammond junior who doenst do as much damage i think he could be added to the “utility” category

Was possible and little to no issues is not really accurate.
You don’t know how many problems it can cause under the hood because you don’t have the insight.

i know Jeph said its too expensive , dont know how optimization works, but they would need to change every map too, its too small for 14 players, thats alot of work, not seeing it happening, maybe they can pave the way in overwatch 2 and eventually get it done, in 3-4 years

The devs have said it will be extremely difficult to add an extra person technically. It’s much easier to remove a person

To be honest, technical difficulties aside, I would much rather have 2/3/2 than 1/3/2. 1/3/2 will make me quit the game. There’s no way I’m solo tanking again.

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Jeff already said they wont do this because more than 12 players in a game is technically difficould.

Lol no 132 Is so bad
ʅ(◔౪◔ ) ʃ


if going above 12 players would be hard then iwonder if they could run 3 teams…
like imagine a arcade 3 team mode… with 4 players on each team…
then the composition could be 1 tank 1 support 2dps

could be called a kind of “quicker” play since it would allow more people to play at the same time and make things more intresting… though would probably only work in team deathmatch maps…

though maybe 2cp could work…if the mission can run several maps so the first team to secure 2 points captured wins or something like that…

then agian the damn spawn points…

still a 4player 2 team mode would would work withing the 12 player limit still allowing for a rebalance that does not put as much stress on tanking as 1/3/2 would

Still i cant help but think how intresting 3 team game mode would be…