2-2-2 has to be the worst experience ive ever had

many. i cant tell if it was the hour, or extremely bad luck. i did those in the morning, since i had today free. but my issues with 2-2-2 stay, especially in low ranks.
if an non expert player filled for a roll they cant properly fill, they’ll be feeding like i saw in my matches. and you wont be able to do anything about it.

oh, and sym with the tp changes is just horrible now. shes too similar to 1.0, which was easily her worst version. they needed to stay away from the static, passive and hyper team reliant playstyle, and made it worse. her cds are just too big now. its not just “3 seconds” its from “12 seconds or less” to “15 seconds or even more indefinite time”

Please, this is just another way of saying, “my team is holding me back and I deserver top 500.” And in some insane way this is 2-2-2’s fault.

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That’s no different then saying 2-2-2 is going to fix anything.

You’re still going to get as many poop games as you do previously, just without the flexibility to switch roles to try to cover something that is failing.

I’ve been reading your posts leading up to this, OP. You were adamantly biased against 2-2-2 from the outset, so I can’t say I’m surprised with your tone here. That said, nothing you’ve mentioned isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, and I’m willing to bet you’re looking for the negatives because you’re already primed to see them.

It’s a good mode, Classic is still available, and ultimately you’re but one person in a sea of many who are welcoming these changes.

The future of this game is looking bright already.

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For now, until it disappears like no limits. They’re so daft, they could have just made 2 qp queues, 1 with RQ, 1 without, simple, it doesn’t need to be in arcade.

Except that QP has a far greater legacy than No Limits and Total Mayhem, and the devs are willing to keep those in rotation for the sake of the playerbase.

And they did just make two QP queues. Just because it’s in Arcade doesn’t miraculously make it not QP. You’re still clicking the same exact number of times to get to Classic as you would have had to select the hypothetical queue you want. It sounds like your problem is with superficial labels rather than the mechanics of the game.

You are still active on this thread there Mr. Smack talker with the private profile?

What happened got shut down too hard?

Welcome to the console experience.

XBL games are about as vaguely coordinated as PTR 222 is right now. I had a hilarious instance last night as Orisa on Blizzard World (PTR) where a bunch of my gold teammates decided to retreat all the way to point A after the first fight instead of resuming defensive positions near the statue. I was still tanking near the statue and my team instead of rallying to me or providing support instead decided to just watch as I died without support. I then got flamed for having the audacity to hold the choke point instead of setting up on point and waiting for the enemy team of 6 to come in with full resources to contest the point. Naturally, as soon as I died the other 5 quickly followed suit without a tank to protect them because they were still scrambling to reposition against the incoming death ball.

My team wouldn’t even pressure the enemy spawn when they captured the payload and lost the second fight. Doomfist was trying to snipe with knuckle busters from behind Orisa Shield and flamed me for poor Shield position…Gold players are weird lol it’s like herding cats.

Play with your main tanks, kids. They probably know what they’re doing, especially if they outclass you by 300-400 SR and are in a tier above you.

What, I already said i’m gold, mr. talks on an alt, it’s my wife that’s high diamond. Hell, we don’t even know that that’s you.

Until you find an argument that actually makes sense I’m not going to bother with you.

And no, balance, 4 dps teams, etc, are not good arguments for taking away player choice. And you STILL haven’t given a good answer about why 6 stacks can’t role switch on the fly.

Arcade MMR is retarded, i constantly get put up against Diamond+'s as gold, you can’t get Achievements in arcade, and there’s NO GUARANTEE it will stay permanent.

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My profile literally says Warwick-Warrior when you look at it…an alt? Lmao

I had the same experience of facing Diamonds as a Gold in the current system already. Dunno that’s going to change much. But by that logic you should also have Diamonds on your own team, too. Best thing to do is learn from them. I can understand it’s pretty frustrating when you’re just trying to unwind, though, so I’ll concede that point to you.

Never really payed attention to the team composition when aiming for achievements, personally, but they’re typically earned through your own skill, not others’.

And if it isn’t permanent, then there will be people creating numerous Workshops to make it permanent. Blizzard makes questionable decisions all the time, but that one would be big enough to bleed their wallets. For that reason, I can’t see them making it a temporary mode, but only time will tell, I suppose.

Your profile is plat sir, try harder.

Just moving it to arcade will run people off honestly, but there’s no point in arguing about that, we won’t see that til months down the line.

They really should have just done 1-1-1 and 3 flex spots and just dealt with trolls from there, it doesn’t kill other functional team comps like this does, while still allowing mains to main and giving you some form of structure since you will never be without at least 1 tank and 1 healer which is where a lot of the problems lie.

Again, you people need to retire this “argument” that is disguised as another to say, “my team is bad and if it wasn’t for them I’d be top 500.”

Like i said…

Overwatch tracker: Warwick-warrior

Diamond + every single season i played including the last season where I ended in plat and haven’t picked up the game since because of piss poor balance issues and goats.

At least i dont talk smack behind a private profile.

I mean, I’ve told you I’m gold multiple times, only reason my profile is private is IT’S THE DEFAULT and there’s zero reason to change it.

If you dropped to Plat that’s your fault not “balance and goats”, maybe you should play better. 2595 isn’t even dropping to plat, that’s firmly planted in plat.

I get 3-5 dps on the regular on live so…

They probably didn’t want to risk OWL switching from GOATS to just Sombra GOATS (which 1-1-1 would allow). But the balance changes have proved GOATS has some massive cracks in its armor now, so IDK. All I know is that solo-tanking/healing is fun on occasion, but every match would be a bit much.

OWL should NEVER been a factor in balancing the standard game. If they have problems in OWL they can make OWL based rules.