1.4 gb PTR update

What is it? Patch notes pls.


I’m thinking a map. :smiley:

It’s probably an asset or assets because of the size. Could be for the next event or could be updates to current assets.

They just posted something on twitter about Paris:

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Could it be removing LNY stuff?


So it is a new map??

Surprise Hero 30? If they’re really doing the 6 heroes in a year like people have speculated, this would be about the right time to put Hero 30 into the PTR. I doubt it’s the new map, I suspect that’s going to make an appearance during Archives.

french 2cp map would be funny… lmao

fits so well… what an irony

A map can’t be that big. Probably the new Winston’s gun tick rate changes along with a new map.

Yep, new 2cp map. “Paris”.

Tom Powers just released it. The map is literally Paris and there is one balance change. This patch’s balance log will be ez to write

IT IS A NEW MAP!!! Paris <3

depends what you mean
it’s not “speculated”
unless i missed some more news on this topic

they specifically stated they had 6 heroes they are currently working on, but unfortunately that doesn’t mean they’ll release them any faster than they normally do

i’m all for it if they do it, of course, i just doubt it

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Notes posted.

They never confirmed they would release them all throughout the year, only they’re working on 6 heroes.