1-3-2? Why not 2-3-2

Just make Overwatch 2 a 7v7.

2 Tank, 3 DPS and 2 Heals.

Flanking and teams splitting up would be more of a thing again. One more DPS per team would still keep things pretty even, while adding just the right amount of action that’s been missing… and using up the DPS queue.

1 Tank just isn’t enough to keep Flanking and Splitting up as good of opportunities. Think about it, does 2-3-2 not sound more enjoyable than either the current meta state or this new 1-3-2 idea?


Having 3 dps would pretty much make two shields mandatory since the tanks would be feeding too much damage

With only 1 tank, the feeding issue isn’t as bad since there isn’t as much total team health

Jeff kaplan legit said no.


They could always make changes to tank shields to compensate for solo tanking. Jeff did mention they’d make balance changes to compensate for the composition change

Because they claimed already multiple times, that Overwatch couldnt handle 14 players.
The game is designed around 12 and even tho it does not sound like much, it actually is.

Balance is possible though, is it not?

Faster healing rate again, beefier tanks, less DPS damage output where it’s needed…

I’d rather see one more player adding to existing teams, rather than team’s sole strategy relying on turtling behind one Tank.

It’s true, but I’m talking about 3 dps with 2 tanks here, and that’s a lot of ultimates to feed if you don’t have enough shielding

Regardless though, this thread is irrelevant since Jeff already said 232 is not feasible

Jeff legit replied earlier that their technology and design is built around 6v6, anything more would cause problems and require a lot of work to let it support a higher number. He said they could do less numbers


I guess one tank is fine, then. Seems bland, but we’ll see.

Overwatch 2 seems like the perfect opportunity to try and expand your upgraded engine to allow for a 7v7.

If map adjustments and engine adjustments aren’t still possible for whatever reason, then I guess maybe they can try it again in Overwatch 3. But I’d expect Tank queues to rise if there’s only one in each game… 2-3-2 seems like the queue math would even out a bit better.

1-3-2 also just seems too similar to OW1… 2-3-2 keeps the same feel as OW1, but adding one more DPS on each side is easy to comprehend and adds action.

It’s easier to say “we just added one more DPS” so if they could find a way to work in a 7th player, I’d be way more intrigued by what this next game has to offer.


As opposed to the present where 2 shields are pretty much played all the time in comp? 3 DPS would fix the problem with Double Barrier being oppressive. It is not an issue in QPC where you CAN go triple DPS against Sigma.

What they say and what the truth is are two very different things. In this case, they / Jeff is talking out of his behind. How do I know?

Bob. Bob is essentially counted as a 7th player on your team. Jeff said this HIMSELF in an interview around the time when Ashe was released. It’s why he can capture points. There have been matches with 2 Ashes both using Bob at the same time, so clearly the game can handle 14 players on a single map at once.


Yet bob is not a 7th player.
He runs, shoots and then takes off and that’s it.

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Not gonna happen because every role requeres the same amount of people idiot

Not true. Before role ques you’d see a lot of 3 dps or 4 dps comp teams. Rarely did people play 2-2-2 unless you just happened to be matched with a team that picks that comp but coincidence. I think someone mentioned it wasn’t really considered a thing until OWL.

So before all that, the comps were ever changing to match what people wanted. Normally teams would match heals or tanks

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People run double barriers a lot, yes, but it isn’t mandatory by any stretch of the imagination

Also, Bob only has the properties of a player, he isn’t actually one obviously lol

The ai does not require nearly as much to put in as connecting real people to a server

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2-3-2 is much worse than 1-3-2 and 2-2-2 for a number of reasons:

  1. Reduced player agency. The more players we have on the field, the less each one matters.
  2. Tank players are still the bottleneck. DPS queue times will shorten a bit, but support queues will go up, especially at higher ranks. Diamond and GM tank duo in the same game will still be a thing.
  3. Even more damage, even more CC, even more spam than we have now. More players on the field means more sources of all these things.
  4. Higher reliance on barriers. With more damage well will not see non-barrier tanks ever again.
  5. More stress on healers. Not only they have to heal 1 more target, but their teams also receive more damage now.
  6. More power creep. Healers and tanks will have to be buffed to deal with the increased damage, DPS will be buffed to catch up.
  7. More screen clutter and sound pollution.
  8. More leavers and throwers in your games.

Not to mention the technical limitations mentioned by Jeff himself.

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only if tanks/healers are compensated for having to deal with more damage output and more targets to heal.
I personally think my request is just as reasonable as asking for another dps on your team.

But I’d just rather not

How about 1-2-2

Most esports games are 5v5

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This is 10x more reasonable than 1-3-2 except this only increases tank queues and doesn’t change dps and healer queues.

I was under the impression people want 1-3-2 to reduce queue times.

That would probably be the optimal solution. The main possible downside though is OWL with their signed contracts.

But for OW2 it would be great.

1-2-2 would be faster, since it requires half as much tank players to start a match.