Zweihaka (hero suggestion)


Zweihaka would be a melee-assassin who uniquely can clone himself, however, there are many risks to doing so, but it can allow him to both surround and gather exp. Whether or not he has clones shifts his playstyle greatly, Zweihaka could be a quite beefy tank who can slow and chase a single target, or a swarmy mass, capable of controlling multiple points and surrounding enemies.


Hp - 1380 (+5%/level)
Hp regen - 4.21 (+2%/level)
Attack damage - 94 (+4%/level)
Attack Speed - 1.15
Range - Melee
Mana - Null
Mana Regen - Null
Speed - 1.5 units per second


Xp gathering




Hard, this is due to you having to micro the entire field occasionally, similarly to the lost vikings, except you also will be garanteed to have to contend with abilities while doing this, however, for new players there is always the option to never clone, which this is not a terrible idea, there are a lot of upsides, however, if the player would be willing to play an over the top complicated micro build, it is a possibility, and will probably have more upsides then just sticking with the one in the longterm if played well. This is backed up by the fact that Zweihaka’s health regen growth is low, however, if you are split up in more then 2 clones, your health regen is more then the normal 4% gain per level (although you might get one shot) however, if you stay as a single Zweihaka, your health regen will stay at 2% increase per level.

Q - Sever Arm

This ability would remove 1/5 of zweihaka’s max hp, and leave behind zweihaka’s severed arm, after 3 seconds, this would create a clone of zweihaka with 1/5 of his current maximum hp, Zweihaka would be able to move 10% faster for every 20% of its max health missing you can. This ability casts out of the highest health zweihaka always. If one of the zweihaka’s die, it gives the max hp to another zweihaka and so on, however, it also gives the percent of xp corresponding with the maximum hp amount to the enemy team. (a 3/5 max health zweihaka gives 3/5 of a normal hero kill, a 1/5 gives 1/5 and so on, this same system also works for damage) Now i get this is very wordy, so perhaps it would say something like ‘reduce your max health by 20%, summon a copy of Zweihaka with 20% of the damage and health of your base stats, however it has a much higher movement speed, if it dies, you gain 20% max health’
30 second cooldown

W -Tail Jab

The highest hp Zweihaka (if there is a tie, choose one at random) performs this ability, Zweihaka reaches out his tail and jabs an ememies leg, giving them a 30% slow for 2 seconds and dealing 90 (+4% per level) damage (the damage decreases the lower the maximum life, 20% damage per 20% maxlife missing)
if there is only 1 Zweihaka on the field, this deals 50% bonus damage
8 second cooldown
3 Cast Range
.25 seconds of ability duration

E - Leaping Strike

The lowest hp Zweihaka('s) perform this ability, if there is a tie in lowest hp, all Zweihaka’s with the same hp cast this ability at the same place in the cast range, and yes that does mean you can make a zweihaka fly across the map to another zweihaka with a 10 second cooldown. Zweihaka('s) leap up into the air becoming unstoppable for .5 seconds, until landing, then when the Zweihaka('s) land, they deal 45 (+4% per level) in 2.5 unit radius (decreases damage depending on maximum hp, for every 20% maximum hp missing, the ability deals 20% less damage) and reduce the armor of all Zweihaka’s who cast this 10% for 3 seconds
10 second cooldown
12 unit cast range
.5 second ability duration

R1 - Call primal Packs

Unburrow 4 primal zerglings and 1 primal hydralisk for each zweihaka on the field, These are controllable and gain 100% more hp if there is only 1 zweihaka on the battlefield
90 second cooldown
10 unit cast range
.25 second ability duration
Primal Zergling Hp - 320 (+4% per level)
Primal Zergling Damage - 30 (+4% per level)
Primal Zergling Speed - 3.5 units/sec
Primal Zergling Attack speed - .8
Primal Hydralisk Hp - 400 (+4% per level)
Primal Hydralisk Damage 80 (+4% per level)
Primal Hydralisk Speed - 2.5 units/sec
Primal Hydralisk Attack speed - 1.5

R2 - Mass Isolation

All Zweihakas use this ability, all the Zweihaka’s mimic there brother Dehaka, shooting a shot, dealing 110 damage (+4% per level), slowing opponents by 10% and silences for 1 second for each Zweihaka that hits the same hero add the damage, slow percent and silence and slow time on. If there is only 1 Zweihaka multiply the effectiveness of all three catagories (slow percent damage and silence and slow time) by 3.
Cooldown - 140 seconds
Cast Range - 8.5 units
Ability Projectile Duration - .25 seconds
Ability Cast Duration - .15 seconds

Trait - Intimidation

For each Zweihaka that are in a radius of 3 of a hero, decrease that heroes armor by 5, if there is only 1 Zweihaka on the entire board, instead reduce there movement speed by 10%

Possible Talents

Level 1

There can only be one - Quest: If Zweihaka doesnt use severed arm until level 10, replace Severed Arm with a second copy of the level 10 talent that can be used on a seperate cooldown.

Consume - Active: Destroy a target Zweihaka, the enemy gets no xp for this (60 second cooldown)

Blacken the sun - Repeatable Quest: Hit 15 heroes with leaping strike
Reward: Decrease leaping strike cooldown by .25 seconds (Never below 3 seconds)

Level 4

Pack Tactics - Intimidation also gives all Non-Zweihaka allies in the radius +1 armor per Zweihaka they are in the radius of, if there is only 1 Zweihaka on the field instead give them +3 spell armor

Sole Fear - If there are no Non-Zweihaka Allies in the radius of intimidation, increase the effectiveness of intimidation by 20%

Only the useful survive - If there are less then 2 Zweihaka’s on the field, Increase all there armor by 5 but reduce there movement speed by 5%
If there are more then 3 Zweihaka’s on the field, lower all there armor by 5 but increase there movement speed by 5%
If there are exactly 3 Zweihaka’s Increase movement speed by 5% and armor by 5

Level 7

Poison Tipped Adaptation - Tail jab deals a bonus 82 (+4% per level) poison damage, if you only have one Zweihaka on the field, also reduce the cooldown by 2 seconds.

Fight or flight - Whenever Zweihaka goes below 25% of his base maximum health, increase his movement speed by 5%

Head counting - Quest:Stay at 3 Zweihaka for 10 minutes, anytime you would would be over or under this, reset this quest, reward: +10% attack damage

Level 13

Delayed Shock Wave - Whenever you cast Leaping strike, deal 40 (+4% per level) after .5 seconds in a radius of 2 units from where the Zweihaka’s began, and where they ended up after they used the ability, any hero damaged by this is stunned for .25 seconds.

Unanimous Strike - Whenever you cast tail strike, Instead of your highest health Zweihaka using it, all your Zweihaka use it at once.

Adaptability - Select all other level 7 talents.

Level 20

Alpha Predator - Reduce ultimate cooldowns by 30 seconds everytime you get a takedown.

Avenging - Whenever a zweihaka dies, all other zweihaka('s) in its “intimidation” radius, gain 10% extra speed, 10% extra damage for 5 seconds and all cooldowns are lowered by .5 seconds (stacks)


The visuals of this character might pose a problem, as Zweihaka is literally dehaka’s clone, not to mention the fact you would have to seperate the clones from the base hero visually somehow, however, i think i have an idea to solve this, for the first part, distinguishing it from dehaka, maybe just do what starcraft did to distinguish the two, make zweihaka a contrasting color, in Starcraft’s case Zweihaka was a bright orange, contrasting the bright green of dehaka’s highlights, although, for heroes this may make Zweihaka just look like a dehaka skin, but perhaps greatly change his posture so hes more hunched over, or even perhaps on all fours. (idk) However, for the second part, i do have a definitive solution, screw with the sizing. In Starcraft, both Dehaka and Zweihaka could go from very small to godzilla like sizes depending on there level, perhaps the 20% max health clone would be at 60% the 40% max health at 70% and so on. Although the differentiation between Dehaka and Zweihaka would be tricky, but i do feel like there are solutions out there.

Background of the Hero

Zweihaka was introduced on Starcraft 2’s 10th anniversary update, where he is dehaka’s clone, who was created by dehaka’s severed arm regrowing, although there is not much lore to Zweihaka, i still think it both would be a really cool Starcraft hero and also be a really nice showoff of the anniversary


I just… This hero concept is one of the whackiest I’ve seen. Well done. Lmao. :joy::joy:

Idk about his model though, he can be very confusing when teamed with Dehaka since the familiarity of their model is very high. Kinda like how Niadra and other broodmothers aren’t (yet) introduced because all broodmothers have similar features.


yeah, i hear ye, but i mean, since Zweihaka is a primal zerg, and really there whole (and only) thing is to adapt, i could see them just straight up changing the body structure of him, but im really glad you like it (its my first time trying to make a hero concept)


Pretty cool concept. His abilities will be interesting depending how many clones are copying it.
Leaping strike could be a single buff clone doing a leap or an enemy getting surrounded by 5 small clones. You could have an extra functionality where for every additional leaping strike clone hitting the same target you can add an extra slow. So if 5 clones hit the same target you’d get a ridiculous slow ;D
Tail jab should also have functionality for your clones I think. You can make it kind of like spin to win to make it easier to hit stuff with it on multiple fronts on the map. It could be a good wave clear.
And what does the Q do if all your clones are one fifth? Would be cool if it still did something.
Also what did Z do? Does he mount, burrow, or something else interesting?

I have a concept for a Zerg character as well actually. It’s also a bit whacky. Check it out if you like ^^

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actually, i took a bit of inspiration from your character, i saw it when i was trying to create the concept, and it really stood out to me how awesome its mechanics were I didnt take any mechanics, but i did definitely take a tad bit of inspiration from it to make a few talents.

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o cool, your concept turned out pretty awesome, glad I could be a part of it ;D
StarCraft was the least recent Universe to get an addition to the roster, the last one believe it or not was Fenix back in 2018. And Zerg has the least representation of the 3 races even tho they are very close to even.
So I’d love the next character to be Zerg.

Tho I can’t actually think of too many Zerg character to join. One of the old Cerebrates, or one of the Primal Pack Leaders on Zeres, or the Overmind somehow, or Izsha who commands the Leviathan would all be options.
Duran would also be a great character to finally enter the Nexus. He first faked being a Terran and then faked being an infested Terran and then finally revealed himself to be a Xel’Naga working under Amon this whole time.

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I would love any zerg to be added, and yes I 100% would agree Duran would be great. Warcraft has had way too much of the spotlight, right after the 10th aniversarry i feel is a great time to do it aswell.

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