Wow @ MM, Grouped Diamond vs gold/plat and no SL players

How is this fair MM to be exact?

Looking at my team vs their team

Our team: All solo players = 1 platinum, 1 gold, 3 unknown SL
Their team: 3 stack, 2 solo players = 4 diamond players and 1 unknown SL

yes, is QM but QM doesn’t mean to be a major damn stomp fest. Its not fun at all… it deters people from the game.

Why… seriously… why is the game like this?


Since qm and sl has seperat mmr then watching what people have of sl rank wont help you from telling if it was balanced or not.

Yes I have been hard stomped in qm too againts 5 stacks with 4 masters and unranked Aba on thier team while my team was 3 unranked and two plat players.

Next game was stomp again. Getting mached up againts another 5 stack with a GM#68 on thier team and rest of them was diamon/plat/silver.

And my team was all unranked players.

But the problem is those high skilled players are running around with mmr close to you in qm so it ends up being this unfair most of the time.


I want even 5 cents for every time we’ve had to make this reply, I’m sure I would be at least a millionaire.

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I think we all would :heart_eyes:

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Well we don’t know, if this 3 unknown SL players are also diamonds or master. But as Frog already said both mmr ratings are separated, so don’t think too much about it.

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I have a match in Storm League today - my team 1+1+1+duo(Sonya,Johanna,Auriel + Liming/Samuro(duo)) vs 3+2 ( malganis,Greymane,Alarak,Brightwing,Tyrael).
Samuro(diamond 3) was 1 league above all others grouped with gold 3 Liming.
We was not able to kill anyone(Final Kill Count was like 0-12 for us on 15 min BoE),Samuro was useless vs setup above(18k damage for 15 mins of the match and (0-5).

Matchmaking like this is pure Nightmare.
Let me just play my solo Q.
Not that 3+2 or any other premades crap either side.

Seems like your opponents understood Samuro’s weakness very well, they sticked together (it’s easy on BoE) and have enough CC to make him useless.

I wouldn’t say it’s a matchmaking problem, but rather the player issue. I consider Samuro and Sonya for BoE against BW, Malganis and Alarak not really a good pair together. Your team has dive with Samuro, but you have almost no cc, except Johanna that you can use offensive.

3+2 matched vs 1+1+1+ 2 in SL not a matchmaking issue?
Then i have nothing left to reply to ya.

Wish you more that types of matches when your team get stomped for 9-14 min games vs tryhard premades,wanna see how much fun you will get from matches like these.

Indeed it’s usually not an issue, because in my experience stacked teams are usually unfavoured vs solos, because the matchmaking values stacked teams higher and so the solo players are usually overall better. This is confirmed by statistical data from users on reddit, who are proving that there difference between solo vs stacks is usually around 4-5%. Not really an issue to me.

I have experienced both ways, where tryhard premates got stomped by my team or I got stomped, when I played with my friends.

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If matchmaker had to match two teams of same party and skill together then you would have even higher que times and that is nothing any remaining players want more of.

Also the comp you are showing pretty much shows me that enemy team out drafted you by having more dmg on Immortal and harder frontline to kill. Your team has nothing to play with other then hoping Sam out macro enemy team but he did not so your comp failed.

They got BW and Alarak to single out anyone on your team for a kill. Meanwhile your team had nothing to play with.


Storm league is like this as well. its always a one sided stomp. Give up on the game.

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Most ppl playing QM don’t notice ranks anyway. They 'll be too busy blaming something like “Player X didn’t do enough damage.”

Oh I am very well aware of different MMR in both modes and it’s significantly flawed. How can a player be diamond in ranked but be seen technically on average MMR to lets say gold and plat? And yes, I do know the overall team average MMR is matched to verse each other

Or league they’re considered Diamond players but all of a sudden in QM they downgrade to a level of gold/plat? And they have to be pretty crap in QM to get their MMR to my level (casual), Yet they can team up with possibly their ranked teammates and synnergise with heroes that complement each other to verse solo players in the hands of RNG in QM?

These are some elements that are just flawed and it doesn’t work. It may work on paper but it doesn’t work into play.

Edit: it’s not like all of a sudden they lost their ranked diamond game play ability when they join QM. You can pretty much tell who is in a group and who’s not by the way they just play with amazing teamwork they have

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I wasn’t defending how MM works in QM, just your specific complaint. Many people in high ranks in SL, while not exactly "one tricks’ play a handful of heroes to a much higher level than some random hero they might select for QM. That’s why I think it’s fine the modes have separate MMR.

Considering all QM MM does is basically MMR average for both teams, this usually doesn’t lead to quality matches. Or at the very least this kind of MM can lead to very uneven matches due to large individual skill differences between the averaged players.

I get frustrated with it too, but considering the game isn’t growing, I think we’re past the point of them improving it. It also seems like people wouldn’t want to wait that extra minute for finer MM anyway, this would also increase queue times even more for groups.

Yes 100% understand you.

I am just really sad, not even angry anymore about this game. I really like this game alot, been playing from the start since I saw the trailer.

I am just disappointed with how this game became to be to this point, alot of questionable patches and balances.

This is true, I am guilty of this too but all we can do is just try play our best selves and hope the people we match with and heroes and talents all align to win lol

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The problem is Blizzard design decision to maintain 3 different MMR ladders. Nobody knows why, the market leader only does it do a certain degree and puts you into smurf queues if the MMR doesn’t reflect the situation.

I think they should just balance the MMR for unranked modes with your ranked MMR if the difference is huge.

A lot of players don’t play ranked at all.

a lot of people know ‘why’.

Each mode tends to have a different meta, so what works in one mode doesn’t not necessarily work in a different mode. The capacity for people to notice that influences their ability to have success.

Similarly, since each mode also has a different player population, then the evaluation of winrates to produce mmr is going to have different distributions. MMR is like a highscore placement on an arcade game: player #1 has the highest mmr, and player #3million (or so) has the lowest mmr. If 1 million players play qm, and 50,000 play ranked, then the range of scores for that mode is going to be much ‘shorter’ than other modes, so how the scoreboard is arranged for that mmr distribution is also going to be different.

If mmr didn’t change enough between ranks, then a player could outright feed in other modes, so long as the have an ‘anchor’ in another mode, and not see their mmr influenced by that conduct. Or rather, because some players experiment in other modes, they’ll see difference amounts of success which should influence mmr projections.

OP here doesn’t seem to have made that connection between play rate and success rate and meta adaptations between different modes, but why would they when they have something to already blame? People don’t need to check their understanding of something when they can just blame anything else instead.

The balancing should happen with using the highest MMR as baseline to avoid to have high ranked players in low ELO games like the OP described. Only the draft system is different between ranked, QM and unranked, which doesn’t make it another game.

Only because Blizzard does something, it doesn’t mean you have to try to understand it or fight for it. No matter which game, their matchmaking is technically light years behind the leading games. Especially HOTS compared with LoL. If you want to stop the decline you need to do something different and change for the better.

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Some heroes play very differently when they have a frontline to hide behind than when they are the frontline. Some heroes need two healer/supports to really shine, other heroes only stand out in contrast to another hero (counter pick)

Being able to draft a team means specific roles can be chosen that cannot be guaranteed in qm; similarly drafts either prevent counter-picks with the ban, or rather, specific heroes can be picked as counter in the draft pick that won’t be done in qm. Esp if the counter is to the synergy/wombo and not the specific hero.

These differences create different opportunities that cause some heroes to do better when having tank/healers and other heroes to do better because they have better self-sufficiency without the tank/healer roles.

It smells like you’re too busy blaming the system to understand it, and you’re then trying to rationalize away understanding in favor of just having something to blame. They ‘system’ is what it is, and what players can control is their reaction to the tools they have at hand. While things can always be ‘better’, a fundamental flaw of common player complaints is their refusal to actually adapt to the system they have (or the ‘meta’ of the game) and blame anything else instead of utilizing what they do have.

If people want to stop the ‘decline’ then they need to do something different and change for the better. A key part of common complaints stem from people looking at something to rationalize them giving up, and then being unhappy with the consequences of their having given up. That’s part of why, despite being – as you claim – “light years” ahead of this game, the verbatim complaints exist across all these games. It’s the same type of players, doing the same things that end up with the same grievances that refuse to ‘do something different’ because they keep blaming the same stuff over and over again.

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