Why is Braxis Holdout in rotation? Map is easily exploited

Braxis Holdout is being exploited in comp with a simple maneuver. You ditch your tank & bruiser and add 2 lane specialized characters. If the other team is not doing the same the game is lost.

Objective becomes optional as you push lanes with the laners and then overwhelm with objective to ultimately finish with camps and one final boss. The map can be done in 3-8 minutes max.

My point is that since main development has ended and blizzard can’t afford a balance patch on this map, they can at least remove it from comp as it can come back to back depending on chance.

every map needs to be in the random thing but who knows how long it will take for haunted mines to end up back into the random selection due to Ambush issues

They need to remove the sapper camps in Haunted Mines to see how the map does. The sapper camps push too hard and do too much damage. Honestly, on a 2 lane map you don’t need camps at all if you have the objective pushing. The issue with Haunted Mines was that the objective was also so weak early game that ppl would ignore the objective and just push with the camps. Either doing 2v3 or more commonly 1v4 split. Even stalling the enemy taking the objective is huge with one or two lane pushing. The map won’t see the light of day unless they do a revival and re-work.