Who would you draft?

Map: Battlefield of Eternity


  • Abathur
  • Deathwing
  • Johanna
  • Kael’thas
  • Li-Ming
  • Lunara


  • Artanis
  • Jaina
  • Lucio
  • Raynor
  • Stitches


  • Falstad
  • Li Li
  • Mei
  • Valla (insta-locked)

You are last pick. Who would you draft?


Edit: Why the heck was Abathur banned?



Still Artanis

Well ****


She was banned.

And I still do not get the Abathur ban. At all.


oh yeah you right. I change my pick to Imperius then.

Yes, I too think Li-ming needs nerfed.

Tychus or Malthael are great picks and counters to the enemy team since KT is banned.

I do because I returned to ranked after 2 years so I saw how low tier picks work. Half of it is inspired by what’s popular in QM. With Abathur present in most matches I think they banned Aba just because of that. Makes no sense to ban Aba on a 2-lane map which automatically makes him a terrible pick but that’s how it goes.

Anyways, this comp needs a second frontline who can preferably also lane well because the opposition has really decent waveclear. Arthas is a good one but he may struggle to get value at this MMR. Leoric perhaps? He can be an easy to use bully and he benefits a lot from Mei’s nature to be a perpetual tarpit. Alternatively on this MMR Sonya would also do surprisingly. Just go into the mid and use Whirlwind, the enemy doesn’t have any easy stuns and at this MMR they are kinda poor at positioning or bursting her down. So it can easily turn to a weird spin2win match.

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Imo uther if valla is good. Youll make up for lili’s not so great healing, have reliable cc, and can use his armor to avoid jaina combos.
Their race is pretty good and i think you will have to win the teamfight.

If valla is not good then id probably go for a bruiser with good self healing/race. Malthael is a little squishy but the enemy doesn’t have hard cc to capitalize on that.


D.Va, Li-Ming, Valla, Yrel & Jaina is good but something about these champions heroes that could find in great picks for everyone I need for it.

probably imperius, CC and damage is what you need


Either Yrel or Sonya. The enemy team doesn’t have enough cc to stop their rampage.


My roles are set to Healer/Flex.

Once Li Li was locked, I immediately showed Artanis. Then the enemy picked Artanis. So I showed Raynor, even though our front line would be lacking. I really wanted Exterminator + the zoning from mah best friend Jimmy. Then the enemy picked Raynor.


I went with Tyrael. Rationale:

  • Front line presence
  • Gentle enemy burst for Li Li with 1 - Justice for All
  • Help Falstad and Valla race with 7 - Swift Retribution

I went with a disruption build: https://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/talent-calculator/tyrael#51.0!2232213

Sanctification into Jaina Ring of Frost, and Eldruin’s Might talents for shenanigans (13 - Holy Ground is quite effective on this map).

It worked well, and we won handily – after a rough start. However, in the end I think the only reason we won is because:

  • Artanis went 1 - Protector of Aiur
  • Raynor went 1 - Ace in the Hole


(Maybe each thought the other would go PvE route, and it would be enough? :man_shrugging:)

Some really good responses in here. Great food for thought.


It’s it good when dumb is on the other team. Congrats on your Tyrael victory Nemarra. I would have taken Arthas or Sonya… I think you made the right choice though. :slight_smile:


Arthas or varian twin blades
You could also pick crash lightning thrall or zarya and asked falst if he was gonna solo


In a weird coincidence, I decided to play Unranked Draft with a friend, and sure enough, the map was BoE. Ocek volunteered to tank so I could play my favorite Hierarch. Normally I do not like to lock him early, as he is too easy to counter in lane, but this wasn’t SL, and the 3 randoms on my team were all telling me to first pick him, so I did.

As expected, the enemy team drafted Arthas, with Mei as their main tank. They also had very little in the way of boss race. So what did we choose to do with our last pick, given we didn’t have a tank yet? When the going gets tough, the tough drafts … unexpectedly.

Leo started in the top lane against Arthas, while I main tanked the 4 man and told my back line to just collapse on Zeratul the instant he showed up back there, as I had to save my kit to deal with Mei. After the first objective, Arthas decided that laning against Leo wasn’t fun, so he and Mei (?!) swapped. Of course, Leo and I swapped as well.

The player base may (Mei!) consider her OP as a tank, but she is fairly useless in lane against an aggressive bruiser, and Leo isn’t a terrible main tank in a pinch. In the end, it was their lack of race that hurt them the most (of course I went AO on BoE, even as a main tank, we had enough DPS with Hammer and Lunara!).

Oh, and to all the Artaniseses who think they have to take Protector of Aiur:


Lol classic artanis player. If they had both gone for race talents it would have been a tough early game with tyrael. You made the right call though that was a great pick. I think maybe even one of the better ones in this case. Most of us don’t really think of tyrael often bc hes so hard to play.

Was valla any good, which build?


Valla went Q build. She arrived really late to objectives, which drew Falstad’s ire.

Other than that: yeah, Tyrael really just…blunted the enemy’s claws (again, especially given the astounding lack of PvE racing talents, as it turned out).


Yes It’s it good for it but I want to find these teammates I think you made the right choice though.

So, enemy team has a pretty weak tank, a good solo laner for the map, good race with raynor, a mage with good burst, and a healer.

Your team has a tank, good race with valla/fasltad, global pressure with falstad, a healer. You guys need a solo laner. The only solo laner banned there was DW, and Artanis was picked. You don’t need more race. Mei is a tank that works best with a solo laner who can engage for her.

What could work well here:

Imperius is really good in the 1 v 1 against Artanis and Falstad can always fly top for a 2 v 1 kill. He is also pretty good on the map, with Qs on immortal stuns etc. Also really good against Stitches. Every Q on him should be a kill or almost a kill. Easy follow ups for Mei.

Yrel is also really good here. Sustain and really good backline damage. Since they have Stitches, he really can’t do anything against her. She just jumps around the backline doing insane damage and wins the fight.

Believe it or not, BoE is one of Aba’s best maps. People don’t think that, but aba is extremely good on 2 lane maps like BoE or Braxis.


Thank you for your response. I agree with your reasoning. One of the biggest factors for any pick under any circumstance is comfort level. Unfortunately I am not yet comfortable with either Imperius or Yrel. :frowning:

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