When and what is blizzard going to stop suicidal and afk players?

i have been playing ranking games in Asia server for the last 2 years.
Recently i encountered a lot of suicidal and afk players in the ranking games.
They are same IDs repetitively showed up in my game. i reported them after game and GM and Blizzard support.
NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING, and these misbehaved IDs are growing, 20-25 out of my last 30 games are suicidal team players (4 out of 5) and afk. Many similar posts were reported in Asia discussion forum but no one’s been doing anything.

Kaeo Milker is finally stepping out to emphasize Blizzard value, can we start with providing players a clean, fair and competative platform to enjoy and not just neglecting players feedback, pretending the system works but rotting inside…


Those reports probably don’t work. Nothing except text chat reports do.

Actually, I would bet some cash that if you report someone for abusive voice chat not a single person in the universe is going to go through that replay and listen to the voice files.
Or you report someone for feeding, nobody is going to watch that replay.

The report just goes into a black hole.

No it doesn’t, there is an automated system in place. If a player accumulates enough of these reports (specifically abusive chat) that player gets hit with a warning, then a silence, then a ban.

There have been lots and lots of players who have come onto this forum to complain about this system and several topics discussing it.

Don’t blow smoke when you have no idea what you’re talking about.


Yeah, that is text chat. Abusive chat. Everyone knows those are automated and lead to a silence after a few dozen.

Now try reporting someone for abusive voice chat. Or feeding.

There’s certain accounts on ANZ serv who have been feeding 4 years straight reported by probably half the population and not a thing is done about them.

Yes, I’m talking about this guy. He is so infamous people even create forum topics about him on Australia.


that is why i only use abusive chat category, the others do practically nothing

whenever anyone misbehaves there is no point using anything but that specific report category to remove a player from playing ranked matches


Also from the reddit link you provided:

Turns out he has lost all his bought accounts, so blizzard did crack down on this person.

It also sounds like this person is using multiple accounts, Blizzard’s system in this game only punishes a player’s account and it does indeed look like Blizzard does take action. However, there’s nothing in place to stop a person from making or in his case buying accounts to keep doing the same thing.

You should be asking HOW is blizzard going to stop any of it.

Besides sending them to leaver queue when they afk and suspending them after they get 1000 reports. I don’t see how you can know ahead of time that a player will be an idiot?


my main problem with that long running topic is they stopped updating it completely over 1 year ago (about exactly after hots went in life support) which is worrying

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Well, I would suggest OP use the automated system like you suggested in your previous post and just report for abusive chat if he’s really worried about that player.

there is no warning, just a un-reversible punishment

If I remember correctly, you have to set up your battle .net account to be able to recieve warnings via email.

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wrong, it is fully automanted, no warnings

Okay, you seem a bit too high strung and hyperbolic to bother with. Have a good life.

Apparently they give email warnings for AFK, Intentionally Dying, but no warning for Abusive chat. It makes sense, if people got these warning they might be able to work out the exact report threshold needed to trigger the silence.

People hardly chat anymore, be it in SL or QM and I used to see silenced players daily in QM. The last one I saw was about a month ago.

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