Do reports for AFK/Feeding count at all?

There is a dog, some would say it’s communist and even explicit in its actions, who has been been trolling this game since alpha. Their favorite trick is to play ranked, afk/feed, roll and buy masters accounts and run them to Bronze, but never get punished.

This person is also vile with language and abuse, but all of his accounts are active, he has done untold damage to the ANZ server, why is this allowed?

He will even admit in chat exactly what he is doing, he will state explicitly that he is losing on purpose, that he enjoys destroying HOTS on our server, yet nothing is done agaisnt this person. He also has said on these forums he reports everyone on his team or the enemy team, yet that’s acceptable?


Reporting this as hate speech. I don’t care who this person is, calling him that is disrespectful and you are proving you are angry and letting him get to you by making this post. You need to sort your issues out as you are sounding like an angry and selfish person.

Wow NECRO much lol…

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