Whats your most losing streak?

I think my worst was 9 or 10, and it was not in one sitting. After 3 losses I took a break, and decided to try again another night but nope, the streak continued.

And it was something different every game, bad team comp one game, good team comp next but ignores objectives, good team comp gets all objectives, but teammate thinks that Dragonknight is not for doing damage or using abilities, but for taking leisurely strolls until they blow up. Then a few that started great, but other team pulled it off at the end.

That was a while ago, and I can laugh at it now but during the process I was not happy.

Same here.I just lost 20 games and uninstalled that shi t … !

My worst loss streak was 12. Barely less than my best ever win streak which was 14. (strangely enough, the loss streak was back-to-back with the win streak. What are the odds?)

Any loss streak over 10 is devastating.

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Hi. Youre Main Tracer?

on a 9 loss streak right now as of posting. Not too long ago I had two 6-winstreaks going on. Strange how it always seems to be like that. Win streak, loss streak, win streak, loss streak. I wonder if there is a phrase to describe this phenomenon because it seems to happen wayyyy too bloody often to be coincidence.

EDIT: 10 loss streak.
EDIT: 11 loss streak.
EDIT: I won my 12 game… yay…

My worst was a 16 game loss streak in Hero League at the beginning of a new season. I think I was at a 32% win rate over ~50 games. Was rough, but over more games things evened out.


Would be cool to play with developers. It’d be funny if some trolling or frustrated players scream and say to report you. They don’t know you are developer.

Edit: I think my longest losing streak was 10 or 11 in ranked.

17 losses in a row i wanna say 2 seasons ago. I got matched with the same troll 4 games in a row who would pick leroic and just dives towers and afk on the towers so he instant died.

16 loses in a raw

7-8. Usually after 5 i take a break cause i am tilted. Can’t win if you are tilted.

Wait, can devs even lose? Thought you guys would get instant wins! :crazy_face:


12 losses in a raw on this Season. It has become a bit too frustrating, so I’ve dropped SL until the next one because I don’t wanna get more tilted and ruin my fun.

I think my worst was twelve or something, back in 2017 - on the day before I was going to Blizzcon. I had a Win 3 Games quest I wanted to clear since I wasn’t going to be playing much HotS on the trip, and I wanted maximum gold efficiency.

Bad luck + an arbitrary deadline = mounting frustration, which in turn leads to horrible play, which leads to even worse frustration. There was a point where I said screw it and switched to AI… and lost that game too. Not my best day.

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20 games in ranked. It happened, when we had to play one more game to get higher rank.
I had to become master that moment, but after that… I lost my rank almost to Platinum.

im at 14 right now, this trash game is so bad, almost as bad as blizzard stock price

Sounds to me trough past messages you need to learn to soak

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With Hogger I had 14 losses before getting a win :stuck_out_tongue:
Think this is my new record. I do remember having something like 12 losses in a row with Valla, when I was leveling her.
I actually had 11 losses in a row, as I played 2 games with Nova before carrying on with Pogger. Some of the games were winnable… Like one game we were winning until our Diablo decided to attack boss, when 3 people were pinging him to retreat. A lot of the games had stupid matchups tho.
Think I’ll wait for buffs before I touch him again.

Winrate appears to matter but it is not the core problem. The frustration comes when the worst player controls the match and the rest of the team can not do much about it. I am sure winrate will even out in the end, but “the end” is very far and a lot people uninstalled long before.

People who can’t withstand variance should never gamble, play poker, mobas or anything competitive.

Part of variance besides winning a lot is the occassional long loss streaks. Known as “bad beats” especially in sports betting or poker.

If you give up and uninstall because of normal mathematical variance that’s just mentally weak and shows a lack of understanding.

A coin flipper can get 16 tails in a row as well, even though the odds average to 50% heads/tails over the long term. Imagine getting mad at the coin due to that one tiny bad run, which is only a small detail over the course of millions of daily flips.

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I agree on the variance part. But players should be able to enjoy a losing game too if they lose fair and square. If the game is about a coin flip for which team gets the worst player, then neither the winning nor the losing team will really enjoy such thing. Of course, the losing team will hate it more… And I think that is why people leave as the games they won does not give enough satisfaction but the games they lose are absolutely frustrating. After 5 years, the staying HOTS players are either real Bliz fan or very tolerant. But that does not really represent the generic opion.