Whats an accurate tier list for the game right now?

Hi there! I’m quite new to this game, I’ve come from OW. Just wondering who are the best heroes in the game right now?

I personally play Muradin and Malfurion right now, but I’m really wanting to unlock zarya (I am a hardcore zarya main in OW)

Also, there’s no false flaggers here right? Every topic I make gets false flagged on the OW forums xD

Otherwise I’m really enjoying this game! :slight_smile:


The game is too complex for a ultimate tier list. The viability of Heroes changes based on Ranks and more importantly, on individual lvl. But checking the latest 1-3 patches, SL and your Rank on HeroesProfile is a good indication for general power/impact. Consider both popularity and winrate not just one. Usually niche (low popularity) Heroes should have high winrate to indicate strength, while generalist (high pop) Heroes can show great success even with slightly above average stats, since a lot of ppl drag the stats down with incompetence.


Thanks! I’ll be sure to check out the stats page :slight_smile:
Do you think zarya is a good hero in the game right now? I played her a bit when she was free and she felt kinda weak, but I suck at her obviously rn so obviously she’d feel weak XD, but still I’m interested! I don’t wanna buy her if she’s not a great hero. I was thinking of getting d.va because she’s my 3rd main in OW.

Zarya is a Support Hero. That already makes her niche because most maps are 3 laned and the general team composition is: 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 1 Sololaner, 1 Ranged Assa and 1 Flex.
Zarya can only fill the Flex role but not all Assassins can “solo dmg” which can make her team lacking. On top of this, Zarya’s power comes from actually denying dmg to give her energy to her own dmg, which is a constant battle of countering-anticountering.

Overall I’d say, in general, she’s not that great yet hard, but you can master her and do great nonetheless.


By the way, how do you make a team comp when you can’t switch before or during the game? Is it just about luck who you get on your team and hope you get 1 tank, healer, sololaner, ranged assa and flex?

One thing to note is that Heroes of the Storm has a lot of heroes that are very dependent on your team mates following up on your plays. For example, with Zarya, when you shield someone, you hope they do take damage as that is what generates your energy so you can do more damage. If the person you bubble just runs away, sure, they live, but they aren’t helping you get the most out of your kit.

So when you are just starting, it is often more rewarding to play heroes that are fairly self-sufficient. Muradin is very good at that (just don’t use E to engage unless you can guarantee a kill!). If you are most interested in OW heroes, Lucio, D Va, Junkrat, and Tracer are all good at that right now. Personally, I love Lucio’s playstyle, so he is my most played OW hero.

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To draft Zarya you need:
Solo laner who can potentially double soak or soak one lane and deal hero dmg
Solo damage with good hero dmg and decent waveclear (Valla for example).

If solo laner double soaks, 4 men hard pushes 1 Lane and takes camps.

If solo laner stays one lane, 4 men rotates 2 lanes.

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In Quick Match, you are not guaranteed team comps, so you can end up with some weird matches. I love that sort of thing, but a lot of people aren’t comfortable without a tank and/or healer. Unranked Draft and Storm League are the draft modes where you are more likely to end up with a “normal” comp. You can also group with friends or people through Looking for Party and decide who is going to play what before you queue.


Zarya is also a terrible solo laner and double soaker. If you are forced to to that - pick other hero or force others to soak.

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If you’re new to the game and maybe even the moba genre itself, there’s no need to worry about tier lists nor what is considered meta just yet.

Worry more about learning the basics, like how to control your character, camera movement, landing skill shots, maps, key-bind shortcuts (picking talents, self casting abilities) and just get a feel for the different characters (both playing as, but also playing against).

As you level up you’ll also get access to a larger free rotation of heroes


HeroProfiles is actually so good and detailed, I wish overwatch had a good stats system like that!! Sad to see zarya so low, but you said if you master her she gets lots of reward, so ill take your word on that. Im only about 1500 coins off unlocks her and I’m super excited to get her!! :slight_smile:

True, I still haven’t even gone through all the maps yet! There’s so many! I wish overwatch had so much content!!

I’m having a blast on muradin though, Malfurions also pretty fun but he’s pretty bad in AI unless you ping all your team mates to follow you (which I learnt recently and its HILARIOUS!! You just roll the enemy!! XD).

What is a double soaker by the way? :thinking:


Hero who can rotate between 2 lanes and collect all exp with minimum lose. They must have good waveclear for that.

Let’s say Xul. His W+Q allow him yo double soak.
Or Ragnaros.


But keep in mind, that it’s only close to being accurate on Global scale (Hero stats) but often lacking on individual level (it requires most matches to be uploaded to create an accurate picture of players so HP saying someone is at XY Rank/MMR is highly likely won’t be accurate).

This is the cool thing about HotS, if you Master any kind of Hero you can shine.
You just need to find the ones that work the best in your hands, which fit your playstyle the most.

In Draft mode, Zarya is the best against Burst comps. Works better on 2-laned maps.
For example, on Braxxis, Zarya+Leoric+Healer+Dmg is good on the main lane while another Hero can soak top.

With her -just like with many others- you need to do an in-out playstyle. You have selfshield? Go to the front. Off? Off to backline and use AllyShield. Repeat.

(Sidenote: in situations where you have a hard time to get energy, it’s often used to shield some Tower-shots.)


Tier list differ.
There are many pro tier lists where I dont agree with and many dont agree with mine

This is mine but i think most people find i rate khara too strong :stuck_out_tongue:
The rest is fairly accurate

Edit others also shared theirs further on. Just scroll untill you see an image

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Nova doesn’t work.

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What’s your Nova winrate? Catherina’s? I also saw many high winrate Novas in Diamond+.

My Nova winrate was 57%+
But her lack of waveclear, the fact you can literally cancel her existing by minimum protection tools, missing Q punishes you too hard (you lose all stacks) and 0 stacks Q deals no damage, low hp with escape tools (GP doesn’t count, 75% of things cancel it + 60 sec CD), E doesn’t exist, literally has only one build (and it still would be better to pick other hero) (Q build is niche and the rest are just :poop:).

I made mysekf clear enough. Even Tassadar wasn’t so hard to use like Nova. You literally handicappe yourself and your team by picking her.

I needed 1 year to realise that. By hard way.

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Despite Nova being the worst Hero (#IMO), you did good on her, because you knew what to do. Which is what I said.
There are always ppl who can shine with the underdogs.
This is especially true at lower MMR where barely anyone uses a Hero’s true potential so being good with your Hero can have a higher impact (relatively).

If Nova doesn’t work. How do you get 57% winrate with her? :thinking:

QM. But it doesn’t count.

QM is a clown fiesta with retarded comps, mostly no tank or heal, no protection, no team playing, bad positioning and no idea how to play.

Amazing environment for Nova.

In draft or SL, enemies will play much better vs Nova and there will be a tank and a healer to make her life much harder.

Plus, when Nova needs to play for 100% to do something decent, other heroes need to play for 50% to do the same.

You will be punished for every mistake much more and you be punished even with 0 mistakes.

Why? Because you drafted Nova.

Again, QM doesn’t count.