What do you think about me?

Good to draw everything hots related. Maybe you can draw some non-hots related stuff too.


I don’t know you that much, but I think you’re awesome <3

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Do you like some exercise morals only when it is convenient to you or all times?

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Joke answer: Your Tassadar isn’t level 999. NOOB.

Serious answer: I think it is has died down a bit, but all the memes it feels like you are one of the frequent posters of responding to stuff. I don’t like that.
But, that probably has to do with the only forum I used before this was a very technical one… So memes pretty much didn’t happen.

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Serious answer–this looks like a desperate subconscious cry for help. As someone who has been depressed before (and is currently on a down swing right now), I’m so sorry. If you want to talk, pm me on discord or something. You are one of the few people I enjoy seeing in the fourm here so yeah, should I stop talking now etc bleh.


“Leaving him On a Good note Ahead of Nipping out some of his kit…”

I think you’re a pretty cool guy :stuck_out_tongue:


TBH don’t think to hard about what others think about you, and be yourself.

Except when making memes about me, that’s a no.


Those pathetic ego trips… close that topic plz.


Simple yet effective tutorial to close that topic yourself:

Hope this helps you have a nice and warm forum browsing, I am always here to help anyone who is having issues no matter what. :hugs:


To me you are the Tassadar meme guy who likes to draw on the forums. I don’t think of you as anything bad you give me no real reason to think of you in a bad way.


Kid some things are not about ego. Have a bit of scars on you and you know what I mean
tho I dont wish it upon you


Can you make sure he gets mvp a bit less tho? Its really anoying. Everytime I do good logan takes it away


I saw that often. You’re always here to give pleasure to Bli².


watches"how to close a topic" tutorial
“Pineapple pizza good”

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My job here is done.

Now back to the actual topic.


Your only answer is “My job is done here” ?!

Such a blow.


I think DrLogan is a good poster and a good player. I also enjoy DrLogan’s art.


You seem to have invested a lot in this forum community. Your contributions (and those of other very core members) have created positivity and a friendly environment. This forum would likely be just salt threads without posters like you, because new posters who tried to be positive would burn-out and leave.

So, sincerely, thank you for all of that, but your question in this thread has a bad feeling to it. It leaves me with two theories:

  • You are feeling very insecure, and are either not getting your needs met by significant relationships in your life, or went though a bad situation with one of them. You are reaching out to the community you spend a lot of time with here, but the problem is there are a lot of random people (like me) who don’t actually know you. Our opinions don’t mean much (so you can dismiss mine if it’s wrong). Someone who really knows you, not just what you post on a forum, is the only person who can give you a helpful answer. Posting a personal question, like this one, opens you up to a lot of garbage on the internet. I don’t think it’s healthy.


  • You are looking to be praised, in a way that would feed your ego. Everyone likes to be praised, but to solicit/ask directly for it is a red flag/warning sign to people. It loses it’s value if it’s forced, and is only truly meaningful if it comes up naturally.

I have a deep interest in mental health, and specifically as it applies to personal relationships. I wrote what I did, because I genuinely care. I apologize if I offended you by being wrong in how I interpreted your post. That is very possible because I don’t really know you, and I think there is a slight language barrier making it difficult to fully understand your question. I hope that you can receive answers to your questions from people who are important to you and care about you.

Looking forward to your normal posts after you figure this out.


You seem to have a bad case of USI. I think that because you literally made a thread entitled “What do you think about me?” on a forum dedicated to discussion of something that’s not you.

I would answer but, would you really care? :frowning:

Anyways. I like you. No, not like that. It’s not that I DON’T like you like that it’s just that… Uggh.

You seem like a good person, and that means much. :slight_smile: I’d like to play with you.

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