Well there you go you big babies (50.2 tower nerf)

The towers armor debuff nerfed to 20 because you can’t figure out to unleash the tower targetting and not derp forward for kills.

-40 was kind of harsh so scaling it back made sense but -20 plus dmg reduction is overkill


I thought the 40 armor max was a bit much. Personally though, I would have made it so towers, keeps and forts all had different -armor values and a maximum stack that was -30.


They’re testing it to make it playable in long run. I hate when they gut the core of the anomaly changes too but it seems like their whole “way to change up the meta each season” was actually just a nice way of saying “public testing”.

Not saying that good anomalies shouldn’t stay, just that the big meta changes should be impactful and stay till the season ends. Especially since we aren’t getting many new heroes.


It’s probably not done yet either, sounds like they might still change how some of the targeting works.

Thanks Devs for listening to your players! The changes feel a lot better and much balanced now.

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Anomalies wont leave.
Like exp didnt, tower changes will stay as well.
They did too much changes and adjusting to remove it later.

Just sweetalk for people to dont cry that much regardless of what stupidity they come up with. And serves as a good blanket to hide everything under.
“Ofc anomalies will go away, they are only for a season… a test…”

Yeaaaah sure… :joy:

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Everything in this game since launch has been “Public Testing”. That is just the way these type of games go, nothing will ever be balanced when it is added to the game because players don’t ever play the way the game developers expect them to play.

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-20 is still better than Tyrande trait which is used on blow up comps to delete a hero in less than 1 sec.

In reality, we shouldn’t have armor reduction on towers AT ALL, just normal damage, which could be increased to the initial damage.


I’d support that. It’d hurt non tanks more

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I honestly was not having difficulties with diving before nerfs, yall really are babies


I still had players diving into the towers and getting out alive so why the need of a nerf?


Either change it all the way back or not at all. To be honest if they are gonna keep this current system I want the damage greatly increased. like 60% armor so you can justdive when you feel like it.

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yup. sad days. the tower whiners have won. i hope you’re all happy…

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It goes up to 40???
Or… goed… I guess.
I didn’t even know, I thought max WAS 20. I never recall going over it…

why would you. only a fool would ever see anything above -20…

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I dunno.
I feel like it was mostly the same as before, as long as you engage slightly differently.
Now I think it might punish people for diving LESS than the slow did.
But I’m not too concerned with it.

exactly. I’m worried about this as well. would be quite absurd

Not really. Tanks should be able to hold aggro for some time, especially the dive ones. With the -40, no tank was able to hold aggro for more than 5 seconds, which was really bad when pushing with objectives. It even killed one of the best comebacks mechanics in the game, which is the tank taking all the tower shots while your team kills the fort/tower after a teamwipe. Now you can do that again when you are behind and get a good fight and don’t have a minion wave close.

With -20 armor all tanks should be able to hold tower aggro for some time while everything else won’t be able to for more than 2-3 shots.

Still don’t think it should remove armor at all, just do big flat damage. People talk about armor but they don’t even know the power of it.

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Look, there’s just two big points I gotta address here, I AM a fool, but once a tower shoots me I leave. I don’t want that, I don’t want to keep being shot.

I would wager the balance choice was made at a higher level of play than me, though. I would definitely hope.


I don’t see any reason it should be a rule that tanks should be able to hold tower aggro for several seconds.
I don’t see any reason a team should be able to easily push down a fort without the support of a minion/merc/objective wave.

I also didn’t see why the tower should switch off shooting the objective and shoot Johanna as she laughs behind her shield.

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Without the slow you can still easily get out. I like the changes but now I definitely don’t think it did enough to punish divers