Well there you go you big babies (50.2 tower nerf)

Well, if tanks can’t hold it you literally kill everything hots is about: pushing with objectives/mercs/advantages. Not only that, but you also kill THE MOST COMMON AND BEST comeback mechanic in the game: fast killing structures after a good fight when you are behind. If you tank, your highest hp character can’t even hold aggro for 5 shots, how are you even going to comeback in the game?

Literally guys, tower changes are fine, but this is still HEROES OF THE STORM.

Like I said before, HUGE and MOST COMMON comeback mechanic in the game. Do we really want to get rid of another one? We already killed so many comeback mechanics with exp changes, tower changes, ammo removal etc. Maybe make the game not possible to comeback at all?


We don’t know if this one will stay. It seems likely at this point, but until the devs outright say they want to keep the new Tower Aggro function, it’s still up in the air.

The whole stated intent of Anomalies was to throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks.
If they just decide to keep everything because of the Sunk Cost Fallacy, regardless of how well it actually does stick, then the whole idea of what these are supposed to be was a lie.

Better than the “tOWeRs WeRE UsELeSs!” whiners who couldn’t defend a gate without the Towers doing all the work for them winning.

Now baddies will have to pull at least some of their own weight when trying to defend.



All these people talking about “diving Towers” are being disingenuous.
This change never harmed typical Tower divers. On the contrary, the loss of the Fort and Keep slows made typical Tower divers like Illidan, Tracer, Genji, and even less obvious heroes like CS/TBF Varian, Samuro, and Butcher, better at diving than before.
The heroes actually affected by the changes are pushing heroes, heroes whose job it is to shove the lane if they can and then use the minion wave to distract the defending Towers and heroes. Those heroes, like Valla, Malthael, Xul, Artanis, Thrall, etc, are the ones most impacted by the Tower changes because they could no longer safely push.

So the whole idea of stopping Tower diving was actually undermined by this change in the first place.

That’s their job. To soak damage for their squishier, higher-damage-output teammates.

If a Fort is not defended, a 4-5 man deathball should absolutely be able to take it.
You, the player, are supposed to be there to defend your structures, not the other way around.

Darak already said it. This is HotS, not some other game.
And even in LoL, a group of players can take down an undefended Turret easily if they have a Tank or Bruiser who built armor.


Uwaaaaaah you poor defender now you kill attackers with 3 hits instead of 2 because he has 20 more armor.


I agree with the armor reduction, but they should have increased the damage a little.

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They basically said that already. They want to keep the structure aggro, they just want to change it to something acceptable, so not like it was before.

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Their whole point was basically that they like the aggro changes and they don’t want to take it out of the game. They tested the game again without it and they just don’t see it anymore. They just want to change it to be good and not too aggressive.


Hmm. Well, hopefully they can actually make the new Towers acceptable without making them actually useless. I’ve warned that there’s a fine line between those two with this mechanic, so hopefully they’ll be able to toe it.


Tanks should be able to hold tower aggro for a reasonable period, as that is their job. Creating space for their team to kill something, whether it be a hero, a structure, or a boss, is the primary reason you draft a tank. Not being able to survive under fire from a structure felt as strange as it would be to die from tanking a boss for 3 seconds on Cursed Hollow.

I do think anything that can be tanked should require the tank to use their kit intelligently, or have a healer on hand, you shouldn’t be able to park next to something and just eat hits while tabbed out watching YouTube. Bosses, structures, and an enemy team should be threatening to a tank, but not fatal in the first few seconds.

So far, the changes seem to be a decent compromise, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a return of the slow to deter just anyone from tanking structures.

Still think knights/hellbats should aggro towers and tower targeting delay should be increased. Oh well.


I would prefer it to be 40 or 20 but with a slow and then objectives and maybe camps hold aggro.

HOTS STILL has the most comeback mechanics of the popular MOBAs

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Huh… So the tower change which only punishes tanks and bruisers should stay… The classes that definitely aren’t OP for the most part and almost no one plays. The anomaly is a failure, it should be reverted or we need a base redesign to accommodate this new feature. They didn’t even think it through far enough to make objectives take precedence over heroes when the base is getting it’s butt kicked in.

The agro towers only affect melee classes and those that can’t get in and out fast… Just bruisers and tanks. It’s a stupid poorly thought out sweeping change.


If they used my tower anomaly it’d affected ranged more than melee. No armor shred but higher damage that ramps up. (Plus extra range)

This part of the patch confused me. I thought they had it just right the first iteration. It made ‘aggressive’ play more risky, instead of being spoon-fed like it was prior to the tower changes. They were a pure farce before.

But the change suddenly made aggressive play styles a bit more of a risk, that was it. If you weren’t careful in your approach, or payed attention to how much you were going in tower range you’d pay for it in quick HP reduction; and if you’re not stupid to go in deeper while that is happening you only had to step back out of range and wait for heals, or Heart back, or go for the fountain, wait a bit, and try your aggressive play again.

That was it. It never was a big deal. If anything, the game said “use your brain a bit more”, but nope. That’s asking for too much. Apparently people want matches to be over as fast as possible, they want to be free to ignore towers and play as aggressively as they want if they feel like it just because Mr Joe wants to pew pew. The complaints I read prior to this nerf usually stemmed from this sort of complaint: “Waaaaaah, I can’t dive for free and ignore the towers, they fire at me now and they project the enemy player! NOT FAIR!! WAAAAAAH!!!”. The wording isn’t exactly accurate but it was the gist of it.

Now we’re back around 50% less effectiveness. I only hope that they completely revert this nerf in the next balance patch and put it back where it was. You know, devs, you don’t always have to listen to complaints. You’re also free to… oh you know, make the game? YOU are the developer, the community isn’t.

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I literally just had in a match a half health ETC mosh under towers and didn’t die for its full duration. Even had time to spray afterward…

The towers attacking people instead of minions if they hit you already make them usefull.
They may need more if they want them to still handhold you but you don’t need increased speed 40armor reducing shots on top for them to not be useless either .

Just remove armor shred and increase the damage over time. Solves everything. Tanks could still tank while bruisers and non tanks have to wait for their team to dive first

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Honestly, I don’t know why they are trying to be unique here.
Why not just do what everyone else does, and make tower-specific armor debuff, so that only towers hurt more and more.

I feel that it was fine with -40… I rarely died to it and always it felt normal, my own greed and fault.

Even Tracer could tank 2-3 shots without breaking a sweat. You only died if you actually got -40. That’s like 8 shots. If you stay for this long - it’s your fault.

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