Wasted 3000s+ and still found no game in QM

Is the game dead or what? Spent 50mins+ Queuing the Quick match and still can’t find a single game to play!!!

Most of my games are under 5 minute que. When I que as a 5 stack they tend to be a little longer. Dont think it is a dead game.

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Yeah I have no idea how yours can take 50+ mins. Like Grumpshot, my games are always under 5 min queues.

At early hours of the morning I’ve sometimes found I get 5 to 10 minute QM waits

  1. Lv higher 100
  2. Don’t party 4+
  3. If you do both still 500s + please cancel and find again sometime have bug with matching
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I thought storm league would improve the wait time…lol