Warhead Junctions (v_v)

The map is boring in terms of visuals, objective and for being too big.

All of my friends agree’s of the above. What do you guys think?

Also, how big is the chances now that the map actually get’s removed on the next season patch? (^_^)

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I hope they won’t remove it. They should delete Braxis Holdout instead.

Subjective. There are many who likes the junkyard-scifi aesthetics.

I personally really like its objective because it’s exciting to get it (through duels) or steal it (or casting it before death so they can’t steal it).

I like big maps. It’s also not that small ever since the Tunnels.



Seems today we are the miniority Mr Plumber. I for one am in agreeance with you and only worse map I see is BHB (and I get it everytime, first game on the rare occasions I play QM).

I don’t want it removed from the game but at least remove it from Ranked please. I’d take Volskaya over VHJ, TBH I’d take Haunted mines.

Maybe before the rework, but after the tunnel system change and only one boss, I kinda feel that the size isn’t much of a problem anymore. Even Cursed Hollow or Dragonshrine feels bigger. The biggest map is probably still BHB.

Thanks to the tunnels I can easy dual-soak between top and bot.

I don’t want that either! But instead I want Voskaya and BHB to be added in ranked. Haunted Mines should be re-added as well. Currently I play QM for BHB and Voskaya, because I can’t play them in ranked aside from the fact to practicing heroes I am not good enough for ranked.

EDIT: My main point why I like more maps and don’t want any map gets removed for one simple reasons:

  • Diversity, because more heroes gets played on more maps available, because every hero has a map he functions better or worse.

If only i was as lucky as you

I rather have a tunnel from spawn to either top or bottom than middle tunnels.

I agree the map is way to big. But the map isn’t boring imo.

Reason why I think its boring is because the map is big. Most of the time you’re just running to places.

The map recently got smaller. I think people are just not using the teleports.

Also remember, the solo lane on Warhead is MID.

It might get removed from Storm League rotation, but not completely removed.

I actually haven’t seen any highlevel games in it, so, it looks ike no one wants to give it a chance.

I wouldn’t want BhB in ranked, but your reasoning makes sense.

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I love the visuals.

I don’t like the objective. Does not seem to be very impactful overally. I often use nukes to steal enemy bruiser camp.

I like the map. Due to it’s size, it’s great for playing dedicated pushers and focus mostly on PvE. The only flaw of this map is boredom if one prefers more PvP objectives.

I’d like to see Blackheart’s Bay reworked way more then NJ.

How is fighting over nukes not considered as an pvp objective? Sure there are a lot of nukes, but usually if players are smart they try to get more nukes and then it is all about teamfight or duels… if that isn’t pvp. What else? It’s on the same level as dragonshrine. Sure the dragon is more impactful than the nukes, but for that reason you have more nukes and this map is bigger and it’s easier to defend against a dragon (smaller map) than protect forts from nukes. Imagine, if nukes were on par with the dragon or the vehicle on Voskaya… people would cry, because it’s harder to counter nukes, when one player gets it. Only Aba with mule or Rag with trait can counter it.


Actually this is crazy… But totally not stupid :stuck_out_tongue: .

I rather enjoy the map. The nukes don’t feel so OP that it takes away from grinding down the enemy base… all of the other map power ups make a game go too fast, this one has a nice pace to it.

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Tell u a map I REALLY hate?


That map is real hell. I have a billion reasons to believe so but I wont write them down in fear of causing an uncontrollable forums war.

I’ll just say this: it’s too snowbally and large to be fun for either teams


Ragnaros player, who hates BHB? What? Something smells odd here…

Not just rag, in general it’s an incredibly “feel bad” map. You get a global obj that nukes structures a mile away without getting punished if you have 3 braincells to avoid dying.

Once I got matched against a tracer who did NO teamfights. She just farmed camps and pair obj every 2 mins or something and nobody could do anything about it because tracers have a tendency of refusing to die and she was nowhere to even be seen.

The map is so big you can get a Starbucks coffee from the bot lane to mid, and the boss at top ensures your losing team that even if you win obj the other team is getting boss, OR VICE VERSA. So really even with all the skill there’s almost no way of being in both places.

Even the vision tower has issues beyond imagination like the early game aram that goes on there, it helps conceal boss and it is easily the strongest watch tower in the game tied with WHJ.

The nature of obj and the huge map design is ideal conditions for snowballs, and the obj can kill core with shields at 100%.

I won on that map before, and it still didnt feel like winning on other maps. It’s just really bad.

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For you, but I like this map and the idea behind the objective. The only think that might be frustrating that bigger camps like bruiser camp or boss also drops coins and that feels a bit too much pve, maybe they could reduce the coins to the chests and the smallest camps that doesn’t do anything than dropping coins.

Yes it’s a big map, but you can see that the Tracer is gonna pay her coins, so you should be able to defend in the middle, that’s where the big fight should start.

But as I said I would only remove the coins from bigger camps to separate objective from camps a bit.

Travel time is offset by great SC1 music

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Each cannonball does more damage than a nuke in WHJ. You get 12 cannonballs per turnin. That is equivalent to 12+ nukes in WHJ, but all conveniently launched by an AI that cannot be stopped or interrupted.

This would be fine if, like Towers of Doom, the core were immune to player attacks, but it’s just a regular map with a broken objective. And unlike Tomb, coins never despawn so they’re never lost once generated.

The objective in BHB is brokenly overpowered and it’s entirely why the map sucks.

That’s a huge exaggeration lol. The cannonballs have a much smaller AOE and do considerably less damage.

Coins don’t despawn but they also can be stolen which creates an interesting mechanic that creates a sense of urgency and comebacks. If you don’t want the cannons to launch, contest the turn in.

She also has to turn them in. So if you let that happen while you should be winning most of the fights because they’re a man down, that’s sort of your fault. I’ve had people who did this too, and they end up being coin hogs never turning in and then eventually they die and spill all the coins lol. It’s a very stupid way to play if the other team just keeps chugging along at their own pace with their coins and guards the turn in.

Isn’t that good though? If the enemy is localized in one point, it gives you options to create pressure in another. Even though bot is incredibly important, it allows for the team to respond.

That’s only possible once all the forts are down. Having the objective be important that late in the game should be a deciding blow. It’s sort of your fault for letting them accumulate coins. You know exactly what the win condition will be if you fail.

I feel like people who don’t like the map, don’t take the objective seriously.

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That probably means you aren’t using the nukes appropriately. Never use the first round of nukes immediately, hold them until you level up a bit, and soften up the front wall. If you use the nukes after the towers have taken some scratch damage, it will kill them and the well, and do some damage on the fort. I also try to time the nuke to kill the enemy minion wave at the same time. Getting all of the front wall and well down does give your team a large advantage in fights over subsequent nukes.

Oh, and never, ever, use a nuke on a fully shielded core. It won’t even break the shield, so is pointless.

This is one reason I hate going up against a MULE Abathur on this map. Even if I get the towers down to the point the nuke will finish them off, a MULE can negate all that before I get a chance to nuke them.