Character models disappear

I have a big problem with the new update. After the Metal upgrade on Mac OS, (I’m running HotS on Mac OS Mojave latest version by the way), it was said that there could be problems for players who have earlier versions of Mac OS like Sierra. By problems you mentioned, the screen can have black lines over it at the beginning of the game, etc. I don’t have any of this, I have a much worse problem - on almost every map - at the center of objective on Hanamura for example/ lowest lane of Blackheart’s Bay map/ all of Sky Temple objectives and many more - my character models together with models of all the players just disappear. No health bars, no characters, nothing. No animation, even my mouse can’t navigate there. It does not go away, it does not happen only at the beginning - it’s persistent. This is very disturbing as I cannot do anything and it disrupts my games every time.
Please help me with this problem asap. I can’t play ranked because of this.

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Moved this over to the primary thread about this issue. This is an issue that our Heroes team is aware of and working on a resolution for, please refer to this thread for updates, changes, and further discussion about the character model disappearing issue.