Upcoming XP Changes

Hello Heroes -

We wanted to take a moment to address some of the concerns from our community about the experience updates on PTR this week. As with all of our balance changes, the Heroes team spends months internally playtesting and iterating before bringing these changes to PTR for further feedback from our players. Now that PTR is live, our team has been hard at work monitoring the new 2019 experience updates and listening to feedback. Based on this feedback and data, the team is currently exploring making some revisions to the 2019 experience updates to include more incentives for taking Forts and Keeps. We are currently iterating on these changes internally and plan to release an update to the 2019 experience changes in next week’s patch. While we don’t have additional information to share about these changes just yet, know that we are listening and that your feedback is incredibly valuable.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to try out these changes on the PTR and provided feedback. Keep an eye out for more information next week.


Thank you, please keep us updated.

I’m kinda curious, what could the update be exactly? Will we be expecting reverts to structure XP as an example? Or just number adjustments?


1 step forward, 3 steps back. Wait for 1 step forward again.


Blizzard please take a note! Best suggestion.

Destroying forts no longer spawns a catapult every 3rd wave, keeps still spawn catapults.

Cores and keeps should have armor according to how much forts team has. Each fort grants 30 armor to the core, and 20 armor to keeps. So if you destroy one fort and just go for keep. The keep will have 40 armor and the core 60. It means there will be reason to destroy forts.

Killing heroes should grant more EXP.
Mercenaries should spawn faster, except Elite camps.
Add more camps, even camps that just give EXP, like in Blackheart’s Bay.


Well its good to see you guys actually acknowledge there is a problem here so kudos for that, will be interested to see what these revisions are and if they solve the issue.


where do they acknowledge that there is a problem?


LOL So just wait for endless updates and always expect fixes forever. Sounds like the f2p model working as intended.

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Keep the good work, we need change in the nexus :sunglasses:

The fact they are acknowledging there is currently no real incentive to take forts or keeps other than the fact that they stand between you and the core? Just read his post man.

I’d rather they do it right than rush it and make another problem while fixing a current one.


Just don’t do a full revert. There are many people like me who quit the game and are waiting for some big gameplay changes to play again. I have went back to other mobas until the this game has the big gameplay changes.


This, I would rather not see an another Zarya Hotfix Balance patch again.


If you spent months internally play testing, how did the community catch all of the glaring issues in one evening of play testing… what are you guys even doing : S

I’m rather worried if your planned fix will improve the situation, please tell us what it is so we can discuss and avoid the potential mess that might happen out of it. OR JUST HOLD OUT ON XP CHANGES UNTIL NEXT PTR CYCLE, leave things as they are for now if you are not sure if the changes are good for the game.

Problem is not with the XP values of structures, it is how the early catapult pushes out the lane at a very steady pace towards one side, which changes the soaking mechanics and might put the team that got a keep down at a disadvantage and risk of overextending out of their safe area

Also lets think about how the power dynamic of certain heroes changes, some are powerful early game, while others scale over time, this is all about to be affected, possibly in negative way


Thank you so much for listening!
I really hope there will be serious revisions to the current changes. Making the first 10 minutes of the game irrelevant to the final result does not sound fun all, especially for competitive play


Just brain storming here:

What about a damage-to-buildings buff given by the central minion in the wave to the heroes close to them?

(Edit: the buff will commence once the fort on that lane is destroyed)

It might seem snowbally but it doesn’t give an autopush buff to minions (as it would require a hero to be present in order to get the buff and would work only against buildings so no free waveclear) and still preserve the exp changes you implemented.


You think going through with the update amidst complaints is considered not rushing?

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Differing oppinions or priorities. One of the points is importance of taking keeps, which can be quite subjective.


What do you want from them? Do you want them to just not listen, and just release the patch and never think about changing it at all?

Take what you can get. Being ungrateful is the worst thing you can do.


That’s the alternative you came up with?

How about scrapping the changes and fixing other upstanding requests. How about reverting tower ammo or tower removal near keeps. How about adding splash damage from keeps? Or reverting GoT. Or changing the objective result in AP.

People don’t object to good changes. They changed mount run speed back in the day. No riots were started. People played on. Many would say it was a good little change.


Thanks for listening to the community and all the feedback given!

I know you guys want to make a good game for everyone, casual and pro play, lower ranks and higher ranks. I get that forts/keeps not giving any exp will reduce the snowball for casual play/lower ranks, and I get why you guys changed it.

I know you will be able to find something as a reward for killing forts/keeps that can make the game still interesting for higher ranks/pro play, giving them diversity in strategies and macro play, but still not snowballing games for others.

Thanks again for listening to us!


while youre at it, scrap the sylvanas “rework” aka deletion of her playstyle.