Unpopular Opinion: I like Orphea

You’re new here it seems.

People did not like when Tracer was added before so many iconic Blizzard characters. People HATED when Blizzard used a bait and switch to announce D.Va. People also hated the hypermobility that both Tracer and Genji suddenly added to HotS.

So no, they were not incredibly popular and the only reason people say “next hero will be Mei/Reinhardt!!” is as a meme.


This is false, while Reinhardt has been mentioned and requested to see how the shield mechanic would work not because memes, can’t say much about Mei though.

This survey was released 2 days ago with Reinhardt being 27.2% voted as next Overwatch hero.


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It’s an easy insult to just call her generic (while also complaining that she’s too different from any other Blizz hero, lol) and pretend that’s an adequate reason.

They’re also mad they didn’t get Grom- since that’s such a not generic hero that totally isn’t like every other big, bulky, aggressive orc already in the game. XD


Oh god no… Trust me, Grom is not anyone I wanted anytime soon in the Nexus.

You said exact where it doesn’t fit so yeah I agree with point 2.

It’s a well known fact among MOBA players there is a set of generic formulas to making a new hero.

“Remember E is dash.”

This was a really great thread to read - I genuinely appreciate the sentiments from both sides of the fence, here.

For those of you who are already as excited about Orphea as we are - that is so awesome! Can’t wait to see what power she has in your hands!

For those of you who are apathetic to lore and find yourself on the fence, that’s cool too! I encourage you to try her. I think she is one of the most fun heroes I’ve ever played. Kyle did an amazing job designing her kit for a variety of playstyles, and heavily took into consideration not only how it feels to play as her, but how it feels to play against her. She’s super approachable to pick up and get going with, but I think you’ll find that to be as much of a beast as you see in our videos, that bar is much higher than you think it is.

For those of you who vehemently hate what we’ve done here, you know what? That’s cool too. We have no shortage of amazing characters from our history that we are excited to keep on sharing with you. I’d encourage you to try her out, still, but the best part of the Nexus is that there’s always something new on the horizon.

Thank you so much, everyone, for your passion for this game.
GLHF, see you in the Nexus.

–Lana B


Lana, I would just like you to know that even though I am against adding OCs to the game, I do still appreciate the work you guys did/continue to do.


Well said couldn’t agree more.


This should be the golden rule for every hero.

Personally I like her as well. From the few games I’ve had in ptr, I can tell that it doesn’t feel unfun playing against her and it does feel fun playing as her.

Numbers might need some adjustments still but that’s to be expected :smiley:


Wait, this is an unpopular opinion? I have only seen positive comments about the hero lately and her design is excepted quality. Not liking the topic because I disagree with the title

Because it’s so rare seeing a positive title on the forums these days. Without this thread I would have also thought that I was in the minority for liking her.

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In an interview with Pally, Kaeo Milker (the guy who is currently in charge of HotS) said that is definitely a higher priority for the team.

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I’m really glad to know that!

Here is the full interview if you want to watch it (it is weirdly labeled, so not as easy to find)

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I’m always glad when I see your posts around. ^^

Anyway, I am usually a sucker for lore and I don’t disdain what is going on in the Nexus per se. Just… there are a couple of things that I don’t find right.

  1. The lack of a “good side”, it looks like that evil can be only fought with other evil. I’m not saying that Orphea is evil (she is obviously part of the good guys) but that we have the Dark Nexus vs Eldritch Horror magic. It would be nice to see something like… the “Light of the Nexus” or something like this.

  2. Really low agency of heroes in the story. Dekard has been the only one who had some sort of impact on the story, and just as a messenger. Uther died (again), Alexstraza was killed and resurrected while Hanzo is nowehere to be seen and Tyrael is taking some tea with Tassadar only the Light’s Justice knows where.

I don’t know if you have any way to pass some feedback on the higher ups but these 2 issues are weighing a lot on my enjoyement of the lore and the game. I can’t play something I don’t feel immersed in.


i like her skins that she is coming out with.

She looks fantastic visually. Kit looks fun. I’m fine with Blizz doing Nexus unique heroes. In fact IMO it shows that they do consider HotS part of the family and not just a trifle about their “real” games.


Thank you so much! I really appreciate you saying so.

Every hero release leaves someone wondering where their hero is, but we strive very hard as developers, to make sure that all the content is compelling whether you’re an SCII players learning about a WoW hero for the first time, or a Heroes player learning about Orphea for the first time.

Every Blizzard character was an OC at some point or another! The capacity to create entirely original content ultimately enables us to broaden horizon of the type of cool kits and content we’re able to create for you.

Either way, like I said - hate her, love her - we’ve got no shortage of more Blizzard history coming your way. If you’ve got a favorite hero in mind, keep in mind that it’s not so much a matter of ‘if’, so much as it is a matter of ‘when’.

Thanks again for your comment, and the remarkably awesome discussion, y’all. <3

–Lana B


I will pass this feedback to the team!


Now if we could just get a Pallytime Announcer…


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