Unpopular Opinion: I like Orphea

HOTS getting its own story and characters is great, as this is the only game where we will see the Blizzard characters interact with each other. Speaking of Deckard, did you have a problem with him being added? You know, since he never displayed any form of combat ability in Diablo.

Same deal with Orphea by your logic. There are multiple characters from Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, and so on already…Stop being self-entitled just because Blizz decided to add an original character.

It was not Blizzard’s decision to add Orphea.

She added herself.

By force.


Deckard has lore… He is well known and established…

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You’re deflecting, I said nothing about the lore, I referred to your logic acting like Orphea wouldn’t function well in HOTS all because she’s not been seen, yet you seem to be fine with Deckard who has no combat ability as well.

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Hots team got bored trying to make everyone’s other favourite franchise hero fit a limited version that inevitably pisses off hard core fans. Blizz decided to make the design/art team earn their pay with something original. It’s not the end of the world.

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I love this comment so much.


lol, that moment when Blizzard feeds the trolls…



More like that moment when Heelsonheals writes something that accidentally makes perfect sense.


Not just trolls, the king/queen of them. That makes it reallllly bad


I did. Many times. So, there you are.

OMG I was thinking the same thing! lol


OMG Lana lol.


It’s like that time Hi-Rez put Cerberus into Smite and called it a god, but yea Orphea is our Annie with Tibbers in the coffin. It just works.

Also like that time they put Achillies, in SMITE too, as in… Achillies is just a warrior who helped win a fictional war.

Best God 10/10


Sure, you can like Orphea but outside of this game, no one knows about her. I doubt that’s good for the growth of the game. It’s not going to attract new players to play this game. I think she turned out fine as a hero, but it was disappointing for me to find out only Orphea was revealed for Blizzcon. Blizzcon cinematic videos normally have views that are in the millions. Orphea’s video is struggling at 245k and I have a feeling it will never reach 1 million because there’s zero hype around her.

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It’s not going to attract new players to play this game

You would be surprised.

After dozens of blizzard universe releases that failed to catch the attention of the casual player, who are you to say this one won’t do so simply because it’s not something to be expected from the blizzard universe?


Somehow this feels appropriate.

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You should work on your reading comprehension because I’ve already mentioned that 245k views for a Blizzcon hero release video is terrible. It’s low and will stay low because nobody who doesn’t play this game knows about her. Past blizzcon releases caught the attention of millions of viewers so how can you say it failed to catch the attention of casual players? Orphea’s release for Blizzcon was definitely disappointing. This thread wouldn’t exist if this hero release wasn’t controversial.

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I think you just don’t know what games are for.

Me and my sisters are just waiting for the game to be ready so we can start playing.

We are fighting outside the game, though.

No offense.

Orphea stile for them. Diablo I for them in the same time, so i am not wondering.