Uninstalling due to leaver system

Just fyi to Blizzard that it isn’t worth my time to play 2+ terrible QM games to be able play your dead moba for realsies just because I alt tabbed during hero selection.

Like I get that you want people to not just throw or afk their way through two QM games and you also don’t want people afk during character selection, and I’m not mad, but QM is a garbagenightmare and I have better things to do with my time. Maybe put like a 24 hour time limit on it.


I understand but they wont fix it

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The leaver system was the best thing they ever done with the game. But too late, unfortunately.


Kay bye don’t let the door hit you on the way out




So sad to see you go.

FYI, you can also clear leaver status in Brawl.

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theres nothing to fix

most of the community is happy players who cant or wont even clear 2 penalties and keep afking in draft, games etc. will go away

2 games means he did it 3x recently because it starts at 0

if you cant be bothered to win 2 brawls and keep afking in drafts or games you’re just a selfish jerk

Maybe put like a 24 hour time limit on it.

so you could just wait 24 hours then afk again? do people even think before these suggestions?


Check your potato computer before complain, I tab watch youtube every time ban pick, nothing happens, I’m sure with your potato computer, you will disconnect in-game and make your team lose, so I glad to hear hots pushiment still work, prevent guys with potato computer harm another people :rofl:


And the 9 other people in the match you quit have better things to do with their time than have to requeue due to you choosing to afk.


What is there to fix. The punishment work as intended. And if OP cant be bothered to play 2 brawl games to get out of leaver then he better of uninstalling the game anyway and spare us from his potato computer.

And if this is ranked and he did not pick any hero during his time to pick then its his own fault he wasted his own time being afk. Just another thread that confermed leaver que work as it should.


Keep in mind you have to win the matches

Can someone who alt tabs during draft before even locking a hero really afford to make fun of anything?


understandable have a great day.

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Brawls are always an option and they usually go much quicker.

I think your solution is simply to not play QM if you don’t like QM.

But I also think it’s a good idea to leave if you tend to afk.

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I see the leaver system is working. Excellent.


For realsies?!

totes man, fam, bro.

So you could say,

you’re leaving?

Brawl matches also count. If you are reasonably skilled they can be easier since they have no match making and hence you may fight against lower skilled people on average.