Unable to login to HOTS

I get this message when logging in:
ERROR: You were disconnected from Blizzard services

It is odd, because when I switch servers to US or Asia, these work.
What is also odd is that I have login details for another account that allow me to login to EU servers with no problem.

Steps so far:
Changed DNS.
Scanned and repaired game.
Tried alternate account and regions.

It is not an internet issue.
It is not an incorrect password issue.
It is not a game issue.

Any help would be kindly appreciated.


I have exactly the same problem and plus my whole friends list has been deleted since launcher update.


same problem here to… was playing today but when i try now i get same message

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Same issue here - and i’m connected to the europe server.
I tried to type my username and password, but i wont let me press the “login” button in the game.
Hwn i tried to use it on the US server, it worked without issues.

When i run the game i get disconnected throug the authentication part of the connection/startup of the game

Got the same issue with the launcher and friends list as Blind. Was working fine yesterday (1st of March)

I ran the latest update in the battlenet launcher, opened the game and now i get a Mismatch Version error and cant log in at all.

Hey all,

There were login issues affecting the EU region earlier today. Things should all be cleared up now so you should be able to log back in.

If you’re getting a version mismatch error, go into the Battle.net app, click the Options button (next to Play), and select Check for Updates.

I am still getting this error when trying to connect to America servers.

edit: unable to log into any server.

edit: This last patch just fixed it. Able to log in now.

i was having same issues and now i am finally able to get in with pings exceeding 1900 wtf is going on with these crappy servers blizzard got.

This issue is not getting resolved. i have pings of over 2k when i log in and the game kicks me out

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please look the link i have leaver like x3 now. i need help. i have uninstalled reinstalled. took off vast. disabled windows firewall. etc. same issue.

The last patch did not fix it for me. I can’t login to America servers.

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I am unable to connected to ALL servers, but usually connect to US. I get either ‘Disconnected from Battle.net’ or ‘Internal error’ messages.


Bump, I am unable to login as well.

Just started having issues connecting to HotS 03/08/2021 around 5:00 EST - “You were disconnected from Blizzard Services.”

Additionally, rebooted battle.net client and now my friends list is entirely empty.

It isn’t just there, I have been getting the exact same issue in the US. It can’t be just me because my brother is getting it too.

It’s also only with HOTS

Yeah, US server here too. Can’t get in bc of same message. I can see others playing on my friend’s list, but says the game is all up to date.
I have a lvl 10 account and it let me log on that one just fine…
I want to log onto my main account though and it won’t let me…
Just kidding! On the lvl 10 account no heroes show up (so I cant select a hero), nor my name, and nothing shows up in the store. I tried joining a friend’s party, and they all show up, but even though we waited, nothing ever showed up for me, so I had to leave since we couldn’t start a game with me in the party. -_-
Just queued for an ARAM on the lvl 10 acct (since I don’t need a hero selected), and I’m now in a game…
Game finished fine, but still cant log on to main acct or play anything other than ARAM (and possibly ranked I would guess…)

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Yep, another EU user here who cant log in.

Hey all,

There were some login issues affecting Battle.net and Heroes of the Storm earlier that was causing this.

Things should be cleared up now if you aren’t already back in.