Twin blades varian needs a rework


You said, “any Valeera player will tell you Relentless Strikes is a must-pick”.
Seeing’s how I’m bordering on Mastery, I think I qualify as a “Valeera player”.
And I say Relentless Strikes isn’t a must-pick.

I will not be replying to this topic any further after this post because I’ve already sacrificed more than enough brain cells today and there are better things to waste my time on.


Man, then it’s a good thing those abilities are abundant. Even in QM.

Also it’s pretty easy to just beat him down, his healing still isn’t that good against a coordinated attack. Unless the enemy somehow managed to forget about his occasional block ability and just toss out attacks in time with it.


I don’t care if either you have a Valeera at 200.

One of you is right and one of you is wrong.

And hailfail. You’re wrong.

Or you know, CC and healing reduction. Jaina completely wrecks him with physical armor talent and a water elemental.

100% this.

Hailfail is unable to admit that he’s simply terrible at the game.


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Which is like okay. There’s always going to be terrible players and good players.

But to literally sit here and pretend like you know what you’re doing when you clearly don’t is why Hailfail has a bad forum history. If simply just admitted to himself that he doesn’t understand basic freaking concepts and lowered himself to be humble.

It would be going a lot better.

As much as many people on this forum think I’m egotistical and arrogant. I know very well there are better players than me but I’m willing to humble myself before them and ask for advice.


Stacked Butcher v TB Varian, my money is on Butcher. Fresh Meat anyone ??


Varian. Duh - he has parry!




look i hate to play this card but according to hotslogs i have higher MMR than you in every game mode except URD (which ive only played a handful of times anyways). Can you stop acting so superior? Theres no such thing as objective truth. We all have our own opinions and experiences that skew our perceptions and theres nothing wrong with that. I give my opinion, you are free to give yours, but please stop the “hailfail so bad” nonsense


Sadly Hotslogs only gives game MMR which has NO translation to Forum league mmr.

I miss the :-1:


The point being… its silly for him to keep acting all superior when we’re at least equal players, and i might even have the edge on him.


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In a game of HOTS you may have the edge, (emphasis on MAY) but in a battle of wits you enter the fray unarmed…


I hate to do this but my hotslogs profile is private.
I’ve also been playing less and less and less and less and less.

And I also hate to do this. But just because your have a higher mmr than I do does not make you better than I am.

I know a grandmaster who can only play one hero.
I know diamond players who think it’s okay to chase an enemy 2/3rds away from the team.
I know a plat player who can only play Li-Ming.
And I also know silver players who are better than some of my diamond tier friends.

And since you freely admitted that I would most likely win against you and you denied my challenge.

This response seems kinda empty and hollow. Don’t you think?

MMR is literally meaningless. I rather listen to a bronze player who knows what they’re doing than ever take advice from you hailfail .

YOUR VERY POSTS PROVE THAT MMR DOESN’T MEAN CRAP. All of your posts proves you can be a higher mmr rank and still don’t know what you’re talking about.

So good game mate.


:poop: :rage:


It’s not like we can actually check his claim. The only 2 Hailfails on hotslog are 3 and 1 game dead accounts.

And Strikerjolt is clearly not a unique enough name to be certain the one on the site is actually you. Especially with your private account claim. And it looks like it’s been dead since the 2016 season. Doubt you would be active on the forum of a game you haven’t played in years.



I keep my profile hidden just for this reason. I don’t care about my rank and I just don’t care about other people’s ranks.

People who try to pull “LAWL, MY RANK IS HIGHER THAN YOU” - arguments only do it because they are either losing the argument or want to appeal to authority fallacy because they don’t have a counter point.

I rather make my own arguments on knowledge and common sense instead of pulling rank.

Pulling rank just reeks of desperation from bad players and let’s be honest. Anyone can grind to master rank and that’s been proven. It’s been proven multiple times that the rank system in this game is completely broken.

Edit: Even in WoW you can grind up to a pretty high pvp rank without needing the skill.


my name isnt hailfail. HailFall. With 2 Ls.
This is my profile


I just wish I could get that Varian on my team. Everytime they go TB, they get 10 deaths. I don’t really understand how, but damn if isn’t every single time. I have only won a “1 v 3” with him when I had an Auriel on me… but that isn’t really 1 v 3. He does win most 1 v 1 though. I think some can probably kite/poke him down.


Again just proves my point that you can be higher rank and still have no idea how to play.