Toy event ending?

Is toy event ever going to end? Timer says less “than a day” for the last three days…


I noticed the same yesterday.
The fun train never ends.


Great song btw.

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It’s the never ending toy story, get used to it!


It will only end for players who have battletags that are not Daenku!

(to be serious, it will probably end tuesday).


It’ll probably end when the next patch hits next week.

Will the “all heroes F2P” event end at the same time? Other than a couple rounds of ARAM in the beginning, I haven’t had any desire to log in and play while that’s been going on.

the ARAM event is currently scheduled to end sometime monday (PST).

So a day before toy event.

But I would not be surprised to see all heroes free be kept for longer.

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That’d certainly be disappointing - just more time before I can return to HotS. Every time I think of logging in to play I’m reminded of the fact that all heroes are free and just lose all interest.

find a few friends/people who are willing to play with you? (I assume part of the issue with the event is people picking heroes that they’re clueless at).

If you play on NA in overnight/early-mid AM (PST) I’m happy to be one of them


Nice of you, that’d be fun, and the time would be right, but I’m on EU. To get around the problem of all heroes F2P one would need a full group, though, and the in-game LFG only helps so much - it’ll also be full of people “trying heroes out.”

Going to do this to every thread complaining about Toy event not ending. It’ll be a neverending Toy event thread cancer storyyyyyyyy!

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Covid 19 is preventing the devs to go to
blizzard HQ and turn off the switch

Cause work from home


Because of you, I had to make this. I hope you like it.


My guess will be the 21st when the new patch hits