Theories of the snow

The snow could mean anything and here are my theories apart from the new hero

  1. New skin
  2. New event
  3. New map

For me, I am happy to get a new map, new hero… would be nice. I have fun playing map objectives too.

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Theres alotta theories that its gonna be mei from overwatch.
Personally i dont think an event is likely sense its not winter yet.

Didn’t they say in an AMA that no new maps were in the works?

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Snow can only mean one thing: HOTS is going into hibernation.


I didn’t realize that HotS was a bear.


It has to be a hero. They claim they’re squeezing in two more hero releases this year, despite the fact we haven’t had one in the first half of the year.

It’s probably a hint towards what I’ve been asking for, for the past 2 years or so.

A Snowman Ragnaros skin.


Nah, it’s a Snail.

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Heroes of the Snow!


Ahhhh~ I see where you’re going with this!

Heroes of the Rain
Heroes of the Overcast
Heroes of the Sleet
Heroes of the Clear Skies

Heroes of the Blizzard :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


What if HOTS is secretly a fan fiction by Winnie the Pooh? That could explain his presence at Blizzcon.

But on topic:
I suspect it to be a new hero. My money is on Mei personally.

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So you’re telling me the top dog Realm Lord is really Winnie the Pooh? I love how nexus lore gets so very meta!

Pretty sure it’s Mei, 4 years too late for Copypaste.


It must be, could it be that cursed hollow is actually the 100 acre woods?

Besides possibly Baal I am not sure who else it could be. Sadly I mostly know OW and Starcraft lore the best.


Misha nerfs confirmed.
In other news, Rexxar is finally made a hero.

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Maybe the new hero is a new Nexus original, Blizzardman.

His Q is a called Nerf, a skillshot reducing damage and armor of targets hit by 30%, his W is called Buff, a point-n-click 30% damage and armor increase and his E is an AoE skillshot that damages and pulls enemies in, called Fan Club Gathering.

One of his ults is called Lagspike, which causes all enemies and allies alike to be disorientated for 2 second.

It’s most likely to be a new hero because the last time we get something like this, it was a teaser for Deathwing.
I’m hoping for Baal but I do think it will be Mei.

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Probably blue recolors of existing skins.

It’s salt.

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Everyone knows that all bears in Russia, and bicycles and balalaikas :xD