Surrender button for when matched with AFK/Trolls

It’s past time we had a surrender button in this game. It took me MUCH longer than it should have to dig myself out of bronze because every other game I’d get matched with a troll who’d do anything they could to make sure the team loses the match. There should be some way to account for this rather than just getting dropped 200 points for a round loss, AND HAVE TO PLAY THROUGH THE ENTIRE ROUND.

If someone gets reported for AFK, feeding or anything like that, that should somehow factor into points lost at the end of the match. Like, if I’m MVP in a several games in a row, but my team is literally trying to lose, how does it make sense that I get knocked back 200 points? I get that it’s hard to confirm a new player vs a troll or whatever, but several reports from the same team should immediately raise some sort of flag. At this point, we’re not going to get rid of them, so why not figure out a way that they don’t benefit. (By thinking it’s funny to trap people in Bronze league.)

I’m not in Bronze, and haven’t been for a while because I don’t play with my buddies who are SUPER bad. But I could usually carry them if we didn’t get a troll on the team. Anyway… I’ve digressed. Plz give us a surrender-vote option, especially when someone goes AFK.


I would much prefer a loss forgiveness system than a surrender option, as it would be far harder to abuse, and I do believe that people should always be given incentives to continue playing, no matter how grim things may seem. For example, if you have an afk/leaver in your match, you automatically lose fewer points if you lose. If you manage to win with that handicap, you get a fairly large number of bonus points. If you keep it close (such as make it to level 20), you lose even fewer points than a stomp.

Of course there would have to be limitations, such as this not applying to people in a party with the afk/leaver, but it would make even the tough matches worth fighting through. And if you do win, double points would feel amazing.


Activision already said they simply WON’T do it.


Same here. Getting punished less for having multiple afk players should be the way to go. Surrender mode wont solve a thing other then giving quitters a way to quit faster without giving it a try.

Like a won a late game qm game againts a team people 90% for sure would have spammed the surrender button to get away from but I ended up wining the game casue eveyone did thier best and helped each other.


I would only want a surrender button for leavers or AFK’s. But what about dudes like the one I just played with who banned our team’s toons, and then just stayed in a lane hiding the rest of the game. That’s worse than a leaver in my opinion. And he was Silver 3, so it’s not just a bronze issue. Literally said “I have the crown.” They need to do SOMETHING about that kind of behavior other than punish the people trying to play the game.

Report them, and if they do that frequently, they will be banned. Sure, they can make another account, but it will waste their time while you play without them. Also, you can avoid them in subsequent matches using the whisper trick. You can also party up with the non-trolls on your team to make it less likely to happen throughout your play session.

While it is infuriating to experience, I don’t believe it is frequent enough, and there are ways to partially avoid it, I think a surrender option would create a less healthy game experience overall than it would counter.


Since I saw how surrender option works in PU I would like to see it in Hots as well, because both games are similar, but PU is even shorter in game length (standard game is 10 min.) than Hots. But I know that it’s rather unlikely, sadly.


A ton of people who stream MOBAs dropped PU fairly early on in its life cycle because of the surrender option. Trikslayer specifically stated he had a play session where he only had one complete match out of 10 because of afks and surrenders.

That doesn’t sound like a compelling game environment to me.


Imagine how much longer it would take you when every other game, your team gives up…


Interesting. Is the high level player in PU that extreme? I mean I am just a casual PU player, but I encounted only two times, when this feature got used and it was good, because the match were we used it were just unfun and you could see that enemys were stronger (probably item enhancements)

From what I know, it really only is a major problem in ranked games, but even in casual games, you can read about people ranting about surrender on both sides of the issue. Some say that people don’t surrender soon or frequently enough (why are the people voting against it wasting my time reeeeeeee!), and people arguing it should never have been implemented in the first place.

Personally, I am more about carrots than sticks, and rather than punishing the people who want to leave, reward those who want to stay.


once again i’d like to reiterate if does get implimented i think all people should agree. Granted that will spark a whole new complaining thread of GAME WAS OBV LOST BUT TEAM WOULDN"T FF. However, i don’t mind FFing popping up provided i’m not forced into a loss. I think a surrender option is beneficial mainly for que times

People ask for surrender mode casue they value thier game time over playing a unfun game that give you a bad taste even if you win. Thats why so many ask for it.

But as others says. Afk players just need to get punished faster.


I don’t advocate for the surrender option unless there is a lot of reporting going on. I love coming back from matches where you’re down. I had a good one on Towers where we came back from 1 core HP to the other teams 26. Most stressful game ever, but those are the games that make it worth playing. I just think if someone is trolling, there should be some way to lessen the blow. It used to happen to me every other game when I was in Bronze Hell. Now it’s like, 1 out of 10 games.

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I’d like to avoid troll games too. But the minute you have a surrender option, people would not just use it for trolls. Actually, a lot of people would troll with it.


They would spam it every min until his team gives up and accept the surrender even if they had a chance to get back. Just mind less quitter additude.
And if it do get added then only add it after lvl 20. But ofc then the troll would just afk until his team reach lvl 20 and then spam surrender casue he dont want to help his team that actually had a comeback but lost anyway casue he did not provide any help that his team needed to win.


yes but thats a general assumption. Throwers are going to throw regardless of whether there’s a button. Even if it enables them to have an excuse they will still be there without the button. Besides if they do that they get a report anyways. The button is more like a relief function so you don’t have the headache of dealing with them. Even when I win games with throwers the process is miserable i’d rather just not. When I play aba and i’m fulfilling 3 peoples roles it drives me insane to be doing that much work only to lose out of it. Like i’ll be putting in a ton of work covering all 3 lanes and then hatting people, but if i get a thrower its just a loss unless i have locust build. In those cases I really would like to throw in the towel because its not worth the trouble. Even if I win it really is miserable

If it were a real life effort I could understand. Like in UFC its considered highly dishonorable to call a fight unless one fighter is clearly beat, or knocked out. In a sport like that I can understand not throwing in the towel, but this is a game. Its a time trap I get nothing out of

Maybe I am weird, but I like the games where I feel like I have to put in a lot of effort to get the win. To me, easy wins are worse than hard losses. Sure, if someone is deliberately sabotaging their team, it isn’t fun (on either side). I will report feeders even if they aren’t on my team, but I hate the mentality of “it has to be an easy win to be worth playing”.


Yawnskis. Big mega huge mecha ultra yawnskis. Go practice that give up attitude elsewhere.

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The way you refer to it as “work” gives me an impression that you’re looking at it in a weird way.
Which might explain your problem.

If you’re treating a game like a MOBA like actual work, then I can understand why you find it less amusing when your “work” doesn’t turn into a success.

If you want to play like that, then go ahead, but in my opinion, you are causing your own misery.

Treating the game like “work” in a game where you are going to lose roughly ½ of your matches will obviously start feeling sour, as you’ll feel like your “hard work” is wasted most of the time.

When I play, I aim to win, however my “real” goal is to hone myself; to become better, faster, more knowledgeable, to use all of my experience and knowledge to try and dominate my enemies.
My goal isn’t to win the game, it is to play the game.
*Not to mention simply having fun with playing the game

Naturally when there’s a deliberate afker or feeder, it’s annoying, but I just play it out, report them, and move on. Stuff like that is bound to happen eventually, can’t get hung up about it every time.