( Suggestions ideas)Make heroes of the storm most epic game in gameing history this year( updated vers.)!




“I WANT SHOUT LOAD”…:laughing:

I would gave you many and a lot improved and smart different ideas,mechanics,rules,new modes,new quests…


New Match Macking stric requiment mechanics:

Players would not be matched by devisions ,only by Rank ( Bronze,Silver,Gold,Diamond,Platium,Mater,Grand Mater) like this current version 2 difference leagues plus with 2 diffence " Survive lvls !
If players make premade groups ,would exist strict requiment 2 Survive lvls difference or that mean 1 Survive lvls lower!
20 Ranked played games ,10 Unraked played games.
Modes would be locked when players play his games!
Why?! I would explain detaily with factors,reasons (too late down n my topic).
Ranked only show or info what is place at player (or to where player climb up)!

With like new " Survive lvls",they would be 5 !
They would looks like now current heroe lvl and account lvl.

How would work explainations:

Dependance from player only death % ratio would calulated his % after game end or be transfer into these new “Survival lvls”
With this cheme table:

1 lvl 0- 20 death % ratio ( 0- 3 deaths)
2th 20-4 D % ratio ( 3-6 deaths)
3th 40-60 D % ratio( 6-9 dearhs)
4th 60-80 D = rario( 9-11 deaths)
5th 80- 100 D % ratio ( 11 - over 15 deaths)

After game end this new system calulated system program ,caluclate death % ratio and would be trasfer into this temporary " Survive lvl".You must created 2 versions ,one is Main is only in Ranked other is temporary is only in Unranked!
System would collect all temporary Survive lvls to until play only in 10 Unranked games.
Of course dependance a lot from player.
This would personal calculated per player account.


Work on count played times per every class 20 % each played with strict requiment quest !
In this first 10 Unranked games and in 20 Ranked games if player complete this requiment would be reward with “+ 1 won games”. THIS NEW RULE WOULD BE VALID ONLY WHEN end in 20 Ranked games and 10 Unranked games!.
Work on show info in personal account ,players check how many times, % is played every class!.
If player decide dont follow this quest ,then would be rewarded with these " +1 won games"!
Whole idea is clue a lot with " Survive lvls" to prevent players stack this " 1st Survive lvl" and to me matched only with such “exploid,cheated” players. And would encourage a a lot players all classes and to earn extra won games! And would prevent play to play heroes wich are high survive like Abathur,Lili,Nova,Chromie all supports. All these heroes even earn " 1st Survive lvl" ,NOT MEAN games would be achieve 100 % won !!! And this new encourage role would ,encourage players to learn all heroes very well. To now player base think some heroes had high win rate a chance or can “carry”. :slight_smile:


After 10 Unranked games is finished calculated system will calculated all Survival lvls dependance how many lvls is achieve one player.
Like that :if player had more for an axample 2 lvl ,system total would be 2lvl or 1lvl or 3lvl or 4 lvl or 5 lvl .
After so many games will start real matching with same lvl in Ranked BUT created strict requiment quest for Ranked to be unlocked ,until players complete 10 Unranked games play time only in Unranked !! But limit Ranked play for 50 Ranked games ,when play 20 Ranked games,RANKED IS LOCKED for this stric requiment 10 Unranked games played in only Unraked!!
And this repeat on stop!
System would search same lvl. You can created second versione search /Matching system . Dependance from queue timer max be 3 mins. If system cant find players with this “Survive lvls” …system would info players queue times is off and work on tick box wich be pop up window displayed and ask players this : " Timer is off,do you like continue system search 1 lvl “Survival lvl lower ?!, " There is our different modes :” Ranked ,QM,Unranked if not want wait long time" .Dependance of course from personaly " Survive lvl".

Players would be NOT searched/matched by 5 devsiones,Like this current version They will be matched too late when be total calculated " Survive lvl" and with by dependance achieve Rank(Bronze,Silver,Gold,Diamond,Platuim)
About Master and Grand Master leagues would be same(players will increase his places by this new MM mechanics!
That why suggest new earned increased Personal Ranked Point system ,dependence from achieve these 20 achievements!:

Would be reward with increased Ranked Points by importance!

Chart Table:

1st :From Bronze max for MVP would be 300 start be lower "-1 " per every from these 20 achievements. I would I rank in importance:
1st :MVP achievement: max 300 ranked points
2 .Main healer 299 R.P.
Soak :298 R.P
3.Hight assists numbers: 297 R.P.
4.Hight streack kills: 296 R.P.
5.Clutch heals :295 R.P.
6.Hight XP : 294 R.P.
7.Escape artist : 293 R.P.
8.High numbers get objectives: 292 R.P.

all rest 12 achievements i dont know what arenames
To 8 achievement are much more important than all rest.

After that with this chart table points would be decreased per “-10” points Silver,Gold,Diamond,Platium,Master, Grand Master.

Whole idea to be increased points to offset 1 lose game. Increased points is like.similar personal MM system and these 8 much more important achievements assist a lot for 1 won game or such players know how to play and can be saparate from players wich cant play with less deaths.Or that mean :slight_smile:

In Bronze league players must offset 1 lose games with 2 won games and so …on so…on
Silver 3 win games agains 1 lose game
4 win vs 1 lose game - Silver
5 win games vs 1.lose game - Gold
6 win games vs 1 lose game in Diamond
7 wins games vs 1 lose game in Platuim
8 wins games vs 1 lose game in Master
9 wins games vs 1 lose game in Grand Master

200 points for 1 lose game
Every devisions are with 1000 ranked points.
Only with this way we can offest loses game and terrible players,luck situations, this approximalety 50 % win rate,depence drafts,choosen talent builds,real life factors,perosnal human qualityes,emotions and so on …so on…

So about this huge controversial discussion to be full reset whole system or not…
I can suggest 2 solutions:
With strict requiments:
Allow players freedom again ,if player hate or dislike to be full reset his current rank (from old system).
Then make out/ encourage them to enter in Ranked PTR a least 1 month and low % games in QM and vs AI!
And work on or paiting new amazing skin models 1 each per class or heroe,to looks like " King of HoTS" for everyone players wich will enter in PTR and new mounth model (of course should be define his model to looks.like impresive,amaizing)
If player want to be reset his ranked system… would reward in life servers with same model skin + new model mouth + booster xp + 2000 shards!
Of course you must work on count log on timer. PTR test time will be 3 moths! :slight_smile:

So…explanations why this current MM not work perfect…
Whole idea for these “Survive lvls” , Increased ranked points is …
Like in our real life sports players must first training long time until go tournaments or in game players would correct his personal " Survive lvls" because players cant play with one same way in every game. Reasons are: human qualityes,feels,emotions,real.life stuffs,how fast one player improve him selfs first.like human ,then in game,dependance what different games play,gamer xp,ages…so in…so on…peoples can spend long time in game or to have free long time. With these " Survive lvls" can defite who players can play with high surviveble way and also mean is clue a lot with thse 8 much more important achievements. With this way we can be matched only with player wich are high game skilled or low skilled. This current MMR , MM system to now matching us with mess way.

I know very well many peoples would start “shout” load and complain like that
“What is this so stup*d d Ranked requiment?!"
“We not want make out us to play with force way”," I will unstall the game"," You are so stup
d,wih such force requiment you would lose more players and then really your game would be huge disapponted and fail”"

So…if you continue think with that way…then the game never be a lot better than all rest DoTa games!!


To be prevent exploided/cheated this " Survive lvls" by heroes Chrimie,Lili,Abathur,Lt. Morales,Murky,Nova,Muradin,Dehaka,Varian,…plaerbase should continue bann them!.:slight_smile:
With this way players would be set wich play are so carefuly wich are not and will be saparated!
In this current MMR huge mistake is players are fast,hurriedly matched by teporarity complete some of these 20 achievements,less games ,mix players wich play not careful,depence from luck factor,mistakes,miss banns,afk-ers,rages,feeders,blamers,how feel one human,…

For Ranked:
If player miss his banns for Ranked + "-100 "(-200 for lose game ; new increased personal ranked points) ,no matter won or lose game!.
If player do not pick needed class.Cause that you must work in new detect system program like in QM!.
Player would be penalty with “-600” r.p. if is
lose game if is won game “-400 r.p.”!
With limit count times for mistakes ,not picked need class would be 3 times,penalty would be only in 30 Unranked played games,Ranked is locked until player complete this new penalty rule!


Work in new count limit deaths program wich count personal into player acccount ,over 10 deaths (or like this 5 "Survive lvl!) with limit count times 5 . Ranked is locked until.player stric penalty rule in Unranked 30 games in QM 20 games.


Players would forced lvl up to 10 lvl,5 heroe each per class,70 % played in Unranked ,30 % in Quick Match! Ranked is locked until this requiment will be complete! Or Unranked and QM would be like training for new players!:slight_smile:


For Ranked :slight_smile:
Work on new code word " Cheat AFK" ,this should be clearly explained in report system.
Cheat AFK.mean if player just run around in base and do not add in fights.
Inv or requit more yours peoples.wich be like judging referees ,who his work is only to watch these replays. I know very well what cost this. NONE , I WOULD REPEAT NONE need explain at me what mean that!!! (My work is similar!),but make to replay be file attachment from PC files,but until that replay should be edited timer where exactly this player do this " Cheat AFK".This should be dataily ,clearly explained into AFK report system.program!
Then player should punish manualy!

About For Unranked , QM penalty would be different to play only 10 games vs AI!

More ideas from my old topic :

(Pick some of them and think about these ideas and long time!) :slight_smile:

Idea is again my old topic

Maybe hardcore rank like Diablo 3 ,wow other genre DoTa games system in future?! :slight_smile:.

Such quests can help/ assist a lot for one player to improve his game skill,xp

About incomeing this year 2019 Ranked Quests wich you promised.


Just work in QM be like pre choosened heroes search system program with strict rule ,1 heroe each per class. If player is alone ,must prechoosen 9 heroes,if players are full 5 group,leader would do that.
Work on all classes to be saparated of 8 groups. Brusers,ranged assasins,melee.assasins,Warriors,Melee supports,range supports,melee specialists,range specialits.
Work on strict prechoosen rule.
Players must pick only 1 heroes per every class group depence from his picked /choosen heroes.
Work in count timer 15 sec for every choosen class group.
Work on tool all heroes from his own class group to be locked.
Work on optione to be reset all group classes(heroes).
If players want re change all pre choosen class group heroes.
Work on rule to allow only one same class group of heroes to be mirrored.
Work on tick box(click tick box) on every heroe. Do not be then longer queue,then you can work cross search system program( EU, NA, Asia) ,but with 2 versiones!
1 is normal ,other is …to be choosen from players with tick box(click tick box).
To prevent players wait long time.


Work on all builds heroes variations to be detaily info explained in this list option with all talents. Yes,we know exist websites for that,but would be a lot better to be playerbase be clearly info!. In this info can be detaily explained wich talents buolds are better(depence from choosen heroes or drafted)! Even you can work on penalty/reward Ranked points system. Yes,this cost long time decisions for you.

Blizzard team…wait you more hard work and ling time! As you know that very well.


So?!..:slight_smile: Im sorry for my worst grammar english languege !:slight_smile:
If someone have questions…feel.free…:slight_smile:

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just play this


I mean, rank is just an external showing of the internal MMR. I’m pretty sure Blizzard uses the MMR, not the ranking.

Just, if you are in the “correct” rank, it will perfectly reflect your MMR.

Terrible idea.
Awful idea.

I’ve played games where I was the one carrying by splitpushing on heroes such as Azmodan. Where I was “bumrushing” the enemy keeps. To get pressure in the lanes.

I probably played this style a solid 10-15 games. And I won something like 8-9 of them. With lots of deaths and a low takedown/death ratio.

This kind of ranking is just terrible. Look at hotslogs, the heroes with the "worst’ KD ratio are biased depending on heroes a lot. With supports generally having low Kill:Death ratios, and very high takedown:death ratios.

This is a terrible idea.

wait. Wait. If you play a ton of ranked play… you get punished by having to replay a massive amount of unranked? I am reading this right, correct?

I’m going to stop looking at this hear. If you wish to submit a suggestion in english, you really need to find someone to work with you and proofread it to make it understandable and formatted. This is a massive post, and I cannot tell half of what you mean. Which makes communication nearly impossible

Do that, and we can have a real discussion… maybe. The big “idea” you have here of Survival levels seems a half baked idea at best, as it fails to take into account the fact that Kill:Death or Takedown:death ratios vary wildly by role and even individual hero.

Same old with Matchmaking

ook man,for you is terrible…i know its so hard sometime to surviva…then if you not play like this versione of the game,then you would not be matched with careful play players,and even be matched with for an axample 3 or 4 Survival lvl players ,we will have again high chance for won. And such whole versione game ,first must be tested long time.Then you would be sure is it awful idea or not. Dont rush to astimation correctly. :stuck_out_tongue:

no,no,Unranked would be like training mode, to correct our Survival lvls, or mean also to define what would be our Survival lvls,or play many games first in Unranked,then in Ranked,with strict requiment as i did said. And how i did explain what a reasons for that…"one high game xp-ed player,cant play always so careful " or “with one same way”.
Whole idea is do not lose these games in Ranked
That is whole idea.And how i did said already,“first try or play long time such version of the game”,then start astimatione is it will have problems or not or something for rechange or reworking.

For unfornately i cant learn to now proper english langueg or even use google translate ,he is too with many grammar mistakes.

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How to increase the player base

I was playing a strategy that worked. But required me to have a very low kill:death ratio.

All this is going to do is make everyone who plays Abathur wait forever in queue.

Google translate might work better, I’m really not sure.
Sadly, the only “language” I ever learned beyond English was American Sign Language. Which doesn’t help much here. :frowning:


No,no dude…look so you didnt read and understand all mechanics,ideas…if you didnt read that…" Work in second versione seach Survival lvls with tick (click) box to search players with 1 down Survival lvl,if queue is over 3 mins"!! Come oon stop be fools…and try understand me or.dont rush to think! What is worng with you?!
And a chance to play mostly with Abathur is not 100%! And playerbase would learn to bann him often.Is not big problem this heroe ! :slight_smile:
And also playerbase cant play so carefuly and they will not ahieve many and often
1 Survival lvl (read about this in Unranked strict requiment or to correct his Survival lvls)…Im 95 % sure if we play like this.my versione…this "forever queue " will not happen ao rare!:slight_smile: And im sure you think with worng way dude…you too do.mistakes!. :slight_smile:


hmm…look so good of paper or theory…
But how would work well?!
From mine 4 years game xp looks.like a lot better cross check with current vers. of game.
You man looks like so smart than Blizz devs.
Maybe you must work with them?!:slight_smile:
Or be like his " adviser"…maybe?! :slight_smile:
I hope so Blizz take high attentione of your topic. :slight_smile:


Necromancy :disappointed:


This person is OP(Brutalnot) on an alt acc, talking to himself in third person trying to make his idea look like its a good one.

Also on alt because his main got banned from the forums.

Just so ppl know some context


Well …let them be info…
But i want again explain at me about all ideas.and do not miss none suggestion.
With smart arfuments,facts,proofs.
I want to read big wall of texts.
I not leave you a lone.


Come on…say what you think…:slight_smile:


hmm…intersing suggestio ideas,dont you think?! :slight_smile:

Why am i losing points?

Come oon…i did try so.many times to hear so.many players thoughts. Yes, to now few guys try reply to me in eu forum and here in reddit.
Tell me is it game be very well if be with my versione.


2 more ideas…

1.About promotion/demption games…

Work on new quest immun do not lose promotion games…
if player achieve MVP and if game is lose would be immun do not lose these games but if do not die after 18 in game lvl.

2…New ressurect team quest…
If 3 from team players do not die after 18 lvl,would have only 1 time to ressurect 1 from his death players.
With this new ressurect quest…a tleast players would be encouraged to play so carefuly after 18 in game lvl.
And then teams would had high a chance for counter back and won.
To now this current versione of death timer,chance to counter back is low if team lead with 2 or 3 lvls. If exist such new strict ressuret quest…then losest teams would had hight a chance to counter back.
Or such quest is like only 1 time reserve ressurect ability .


“bump up em bump e rumb”


How about… No.


"silence clown,just go play " get out


Time to stop the spam!


Which the huge wall of text.


Sad is fact high % from this young player base think with worng way and they lie himself can think with no wong way.

If you “think " my ideas bad,.you must explain to me why with smart facts, arguments,proofs.
Im feel tired and disapponed from high % young peoples wich only say to me " yours ideas bad or terrible”.
Or i feel also disappoined ,because player base or ignore or dont care when someone peoples ,like me and.many others try to help with better ideas.
If you are smart than me,then proof to me why this my game version is bad or so great.
I meet also so.many young peoples wich are.lazy to read all.my ideas and to think about them a.tleast.2 days or long time.
I know very well this…now would.pop up and say to me that…
" Not need i think so long time in your ideas, im enough smart and high intellected human who can define what ideas are so bad and what ideas so great.or exelent for few mins"…
Well then…proof it!