Stukov has been re-enabled

Stukov has been fixed and re-enabled again, go nuts.

Also that response and fix was very quick. Thank you dev team. :+1:


Welcome back, superspreader, Admiral Stukov! Time to spread some viruses in the Nexus again. :smiley:


Too bad they did not fix Raynor while they were at it.


I knew I had to post my comic today and not on the usual tuesday

Man, how much more abuse does Stukov have to take?

What do you mean?

Probably the fact they said they were disabling Raynor’s lvl 20 suicide talent from ARAM, but as of yesterday (haven’t checked today) it was still live. That means in ARAM at 20 with Executive Orders he has a 6 second cooldown timer and spawns Hyperion with every death. Basically a win condition.

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His lvl 20 is still bugged and give him Murky like respawn.

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But he is the superspreader, you know…

But I have a question: was it his talent 1 range talent that caused problems? This is talent is removed… Nevermind I see it got merged with his W-Quest.

Yeah, no. Still not fixed properly.

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Now that he’s back, will be be making appearances in lower ranks? If so, anyone knows what healers counter him?

Vice Admiral :stuck_out_tongue: But yeah, good to have him back

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Which sucks in my opinion. I’d go W quest when I wanted some range because I DON’T want the stupid damage nerf and autoattack change.

Pimp hand stronk, peashooter annoying.

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I understand what you’re saying, but is it really that important? I mean most of the time people pick the green W talent, not the quest anyway… so I considered this a nice buff.

Having w cost no mana and lowered cool downs meant I could work the long range poke but if someone closes I had the big hand ready to slap 'em around.

Now you get the same range but with half damage to everything you attack and a slow that’s worthless for objectives and camps.


It’s a shame they didn’t give Stukov another week in F2P rotation as he was only really available for those players for about a single day.

I’m pleased to hear I’m not alone in not particularly liking this change to Fetid Touch. As you said, I too liked this quest on occasion, but I love using Stukov’s hard hitting melee AA’s, rather than a ranged AA that compromises his PVE damage. I honestly don’t like this change.


RIGHT!? I mean if I wanted range auto’s, I’d play Ana. Who is also fun.
But it’s the SCHMACK that makes the Stukov.

Did they merge the AA talent because EVERYONE was picking it or because no one was?

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For me and my playstyle in general the range AA was always the way to go. Even though it does not have the highest WR according to statistics, I personally had the best results playing him as a range.

The constant slow the AA’s provide as range can be a quite good enabler for your team. And with good timed, continuous poke I could reliably deal enormous damage. In many games I had highest hero-dmg for the first half of the match.

A bit sad they turned down the dmg even more, but at least I got a decent compromise with the W quest.

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I get it that the slow is worthless for camps, but how for objectives? The last thing is all about teamfights and there slows are important and it would give you to attack more often, since your AA’s are now ranged. I wouldn’t say it isn’t bad for objectives and it would be interesting to figure out what is better:

More constant AA’s with less damage for the poke in addition to the improved W or less, but stronger AA from your melee range. At least in theory I like the new change, but I understand your concern and I am not really an Stukov main…

And now you also have lowered cooldown and no mana cost for w to improve your poke that would increase your damage. That’s exactly what I am talking about.,,

Based on heroesprofiles Fetid touch (12%) and spine launcher (8%) were the least popular talents in tier 1 with winrate below 50%, so they merged it into one to make it more appealing.

But even now this talent still has no chance to compete against the other two talent, especially reactive Ballistospores (60% popularity)…


Auto attacks are a factor but slowing someone who’s probably not leaving (objective) for half the usual damage of the slowest AA in the game Stukov probably wouldn’t be attacking MUCH more often if he’s healing and creepy handing or ult peeling.

I’ll take it for a test drive, but I doubt the extra range is gonna cause me to land twice as many hits, so it’s still net damage reduction tacked on to an already unpopular build. I’d love to be wrong but Ballistospores will probably be my go-to here on in.

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Ranged aa doesn’t only mean constant safe damage it is also quite efficient to secure kills as in preventing targets to get away by slowing them or do the last shot when they are already out of melee range. Also it is nice to dismount and slow threats coming out from bushes like Garrosh/Diablo/Varian and protect your teammates to get thrown/taunted etc. Now this rework is a nice buff if you already liked the ranged aa Stukov before.

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