Stop trying to get free wins

idc if we’re first pick or not, i’m banning zagara. go play a single player game if you want to be rewarded for nothing. i’m here to play a fun game.


Shadow, you have honor, I tip my hat to you. Meanwhile I hadn’t played much at all this week and now find Zag in every QM game… zzzzzzz


If Zag is alone and not have any one to support her Illidan eats her everyday anytime.
And since dmg taken interrupts Nydus Worms channel now she wont have any escape from him other then spending a long Maw cd on him if she took that talent. But even that ult can be avoided by a perfect Q on her.

But of you are laning againts her I think Rag still got a chance againts her since he got poke dmg and sustain from Q.

Playing againts a Zag is basicely who can manage thier mana and sustain the best and force the enemy to spend his/her healing well first. And Zag is very mana hungry so if you manage to omm her pretty fast you allready won.


honestly, back when I was going to quit, qm was boring af, all i’d do is laned and either my team lost cuz they took bad fights or we won cuz they took good ones. but 1v3’ing zagara apparently the current meta hero, with eric feels f’ing good.

Yeah, blame your team when you’re the one that’s doing laning all the time. Just because your team was able to carry you in some games, doesn’t indicate whether they were good or bad fights. If you’re never there, they’re all potentially bad fights because you didn’t give them a choice of having a competent ally to help them.


thats the point, early in the game all your supposed to do is lane, thats what viking does for most maps first objectives, its down to the matchmaker whether you lose the game right then

As for this

In my league (aka bronze lmao) a lot of the time either no one contests me or everyone does, when everyone contests me, then its a plain win, I can just keep gathering xp and slowing pushes while my team pushes mid keep. While no one is contesting me I have the opportunity to see the fights, to try and see if I should help engage in mid or on obj, if they go all in and dive immediately, no s- I wont they are dead as is

Oh I get that’s one of Viking’s strengths, but that doesn’t mean all I do is lane. My presence can be flexible about who and where I split my vikings depending on the situation and map. And even when I skip out completely, I never blame my team for losing a fight in which I wasn’t there. I make a calculated risk to choose not to come in hopes that a level advantage or pushing to down a keep will even out an objective loss. If my team dies, that’s also on me because I chose not to help. It’s just kind of a bad attitude to absolve your part in their failures when you’re also indirectly responsible by your lack of presence.

But back to the original topic: I have the same general attitude, I’m banning the clearly OP hero first. With a hero that has a 60% win rate 80% popularity hero, I’m not risking it. Go play most any other game if you want your Zagara fix.


Aight I’ll give you that I misworded it, I think i got a minor concussion after i slammed my head into a chandelier (dont ask)

Of course I dont thats pointless, only thing im saying, is it is not a fun experience when im apming my heart out trying to lane versus more then one person, and then I just see the team die to a singular valla

I always tell my team to try and be cautious on first objective because I wont be there and they likely with be 4v5ing, I don’t blame myself (or my team) if our team all dies, I expect they will lose objective, but like i said, its frustrating to tryhard for the first 5 minutes of a game, and just see the xp lead i was struggling to get our team drop to a 2 level lead for the opponents

like i said, I tell my team I will not participate, I don’t particularly get mad at them if they lose everyone I still try to fix the problem but it tends to be a lost cause after a 3 level lead, which I’ve found quickly comes after the entire team dies.

(im not waiting for your next reply, im too tired, and like i said mighta gotten concussion so imma lay down to be safe)

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If that is happening, that’s not taking a bad fight, that’s just sucking lol. You should try to overwhelm and kill a Valla.

The point is, I just have little patience for people who don’t participate in a fight tell their team they took a bad one. The only other option is to basically give away the ground completely and then lane with you, in which you will also get upset, or try to stall a fight which there is no guarantee won’t come out bad if you’re down a man.

I’m more interested in discussing this.


I expect fights will all in all be inefficient, I would be amazed if we had more kills then our opponents, and even in games where my team gets 4 kills and the opposing team gets 43 I still dont tell my team they take bad fights, I don’t like getting reported ngl kekw

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I never ban OP heroes if I’m first pick. The enemy will do it 90%. No point preventing them from wasting a ban.


That’s not how competitive works though. And since Shadowmere has a Thrall avatar, it’s time for Carbot:

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You do know that being in her worm restores mana, right?

I’m talking about laning againts her pre 10 if you read my post. I have played this game for 6 years so you already told me somthing I already know.


Don’t understimate Fenix, he has great ways to deal with waves, because his AA are aoe, his shield gives him sustain and his Q helps him to destroy those banelings. And Ragnaros is squishy, before he gets teh quest done and Zag probably won’t let him do it. Fenix is probably the overall best choice vs Zag, but I consider this hard as well, because Fenix has midrange, Zag long range. But you can her punish easily, if she don’t know how to positon herself and stays near waves, then you get free shots from AA’s, because of the splash damage and it does decent dmg, if you take the right talent at 1.

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You do know you don’t get Nydus until 10 right? A heroic with 120s CD that can be interrupted by damage.

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Unfortunately it is bc i will keep banning zagara until shes nerfed to a reasonable level. I want to play hots not “let zag carry”

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But then you do more mistakes:

  • refuse to educate your players, if they forget to ban Zagara
  • if your team want to pick her, you ban her, that’s not really a good spirit for the team

Phaseshifter already said that most players already consider first pick and would ban her anyway.

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Guess we need a 4 ban slot soon with all these busted heroes running around.

This is honestly just a skill issue, this man is clearly bad at zagara.