Stop putting me against premades when i queue solo

title says it all. i will wait longer. tired of stomp after coordinated stomp against smurfing clowns on discord.


The real kicker is when you get in games of pre mades with people who are 2 rank tiers above your entire team, lol. All you have to do is get a bronze smurf and you can play in low silver ELO until platinum, haha. It’s atrocious.

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I’m sorry, but you and all the rest of the people who complain about MM when solo queuing are off base in your expectations. HOTS is a team game that was specifically designed to reward teamwork. If you ever watch the competitive tournaments, those are not random people thrown together, but preformed teams who know how to coordinate. That is how you need to approach ranked play; you cannot possibly expect to solo queue and get as good team. Consider this: of all players of the game, only a fraction of them are logged in at a given time, and only a fraction of those are queued up for ranked at any given exact moment. So that is a relatively small group from which to select both allies and enemies. It will always be a crapshoot to get a good team, unless they made you wait super long time. Doing your own matchmaking for your team is really the only way to get consistently good results.

It was also specifically designed to promote smurfing and alt-accounts.

it gets worse and worse each season. I had 2 masters today troll the crap out of me. Both picked main tanks and both split pushed all game and ignored team fights, objectives and everything. Call it a team game all you want but solo queing is getting players this nonsense while premades are being rewarded with free wins.

The problem here is the match making is broken and trolling and ranks in this game are screwed up.

Yeah, they don’t want to fix it. They just removed the indication on the game load screen so you can’t see if the enemy team is partied. They would rather do something stupid like than then fix the real problem.

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