Stetmann, the Hero Genius

Ranged support, heals multiple heroes and summons Mecha Zerg to fight for him.


  • Self healing
  • Burst heal
  • Sustained CC


  • Siege damage
  • AOE damage

Basic Abilities:

  • Healing Receptor (Q): Stetmann heals multiple heroes and requires no Egonergy to consume.
  • Summon Mecha Hunter Killer (W): Stetmann summons a timed Mecha Hunter Killer to fight for him.
  • Terrazine Grenade (E): Stetmann throws a Terrazine Grenade to deal damage overtime.
  • Egonergy (Trait): Stetmann uses Egonergy instead of mana to use his abilities.

Heroic Abilities:

  • Summon Super Gary (R1): Stetmann calls his experimental Science Vessel, Gary to attack and unleashes its supercannon to deal linear heavy damage and heals all heroes.
  • Stetellite Bombardment (R2): Stetmann deploys a Stetellite and fires a particle cannon to deal massive damage within its vicinity.

Egon Stetmann was once a scientist in the Hyperion. Now he is obsessed and addicted to Terrazine, he created an army of Mecha Swarm to dominate all of the Koprulu Sector.

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