South American racists

Hello, I would like to ask for your attention, I live in Brazil, I came to this forum because the Brazilian forum does not receive feedback, we are having problems with our neighboring South American racists, they keep calling us monkey, banana, favelado, monkey soup, etc. . it generates a little bit of stress, but the worst of all, they are too dumb, do not know how to play and are disrupting the games by chat, I wish I could choose to play only with Brazilians “same language match button” can pair these ducks in the team opponent, but not in the same team.
Thanks for listening


I am completely against all sorts of harassment, but getting upset over somebody calling you “bananas” is a waste of your energy, considering all the horrible stuff that gets said online.

I’d just continue the match and block them instead of getting upset.


stop getting offended over trolls in an online video game. report for abusive chat = they get also blocked once you do that and just move on. nothing can be done other than that nobody can help you not even bli$$ard


Atleast Brazil can mock those south american countries by having 5 world cups.

None of those countries comes near Brazil in football.

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It. Isn’t. Hard. To. Use. The. Mute. Function.


How do they know you are from Brazil?

Anyway, you seem new to the internet, and humanity in general, get over it, there are worse things to care about in this world.

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Yes exactly. This seems to be another thread fishing around for a reaction, there have been so many about “South American racists” as if you don’t get this on every server you play on.

Report the person, write in the report description what kind of abusive chat it was and the time code and move on. People need to stop expecting Blizzard is able to sit there 24 hours a day live monitoring for hurtful speech.

Keep in mind this is from someone who does not tolerate or condone racist abuse or any kind of abuse. This though is the internet, a game and not the workplace. Blizzard has already given you many tools to deal with this issue.


Exactly. This kind of speech does not impact you in any way, and if one really thinks that’s not the case, then they can go to the relevant authorities.


I am brazilian and calling a brazilian macaco (monkey) or banana is just as bad as calling a black person the n word in English. It is just THAT racist.

In other sports, brazilians suffered a lot racism and still do. People making monkey noises against them, even throwing bananas. You can find a lot of stuff online about this. It is just a racial crime.

This is like a pretty big and serious issue :s


I did know about those things (like Lukaku, Balotelli and other star soccer players being insulted that way in Europe) but I didn’t know it is a thing in SA.

Though I have heard the generic “monkey” being used against every single nationality imaginable.

All of these are in extremely poor taste of course, and show the infantile nature of the player using them. I’d still report them & continue playing rather than letting them ‘win’ by making you quit because of some insults.


What sucks is that I can say that 99% of the SA players actually use these things against Brazilians on their team. It is pretty rare to find someone being nice. It sucks a lot :confused:


I heard the same, that the SA community is awful not just in HotS but in every game.

No wonder they got a bit of a bad reputation - it ruins it for those who are decent human beings and just happen to be born in a country like Brazil.

No offense in this but from what I am getting…

Brazilians are the Russian blaming punching bag of EU?

I am of Irish descent and find the term “potato” offensive, but what are you gonna do.


I’ve always been perplexed by this. Potatoes are like the best food. Seems more like a compliment.

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welcome to HoTS leave your self respect at the door


Really you too…

What if they were brazilians themselves? Doesn’t that give them the M word pass?

Jokes, aside, as far as I’m concerned, brazilians are as racist and toxic (and a little bit more between them, themselves) as any other single ethnicity there may be, Mexicans, 'Muricans, Europeans, you name it, all of them being on both ends of the spectrum as well, the bullied and the bullies.

So, I’m sorry, but unless the threat was a direct, personal attack (this is against you as a recognizable individual) and not just some random, generic insult that only wants to get you mad (whoever you actually are), then is not even worth to make a drama about it, block them and ignore them, or insult them back and prove yourself better than them at the game, but don’t expect others to help you if you are unable to help yourself in the first place, given there are many options for that already.

Good luck. Hope I can visit Brazil some day, looks awesome for a vacation.
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