Solo queue: Troll/low WR Picks?

Hey guys,

I am really annoyed with people who solo queue and just pick heroes that are not really meta.

Last 2 ranked games in solo queue, one person picked nova and 2nd game one person picked butcher.

Why would someone risk a game with butcher or nova…

Those heroes are actually fine if people know how to play.
The thing is, they mostly don’t.

While I like butcher if he is set up right. I do agree to this. Many player do not care about team comp or anything. They want to play that one hero and most of the time they are not even good with it.

Problem is most players do not care about ranked and trying to win. Most player play either to troll or to finish quests. Its a terrible problem but alas here we are.

I 100% agree, butcher is crazy when comped up with a well co-ordinated team, but going in a ranked solo queue where picking heroes based on co-ordinatio and or/counters is not really a thing.

I play nova in QM and she’s my highest level hero but only for QM. I would never pick her in ranked, she just lacks a lot of things.

I am 100% happy for butch to be in ranked but when its solo queue… where players just pick whatever… then its hard.

Our last butch in QM couldn’t even engage cause he’s the idiot that picked butch first and I said… “pick butch last”… but they picked butch counters, a jo, lili, mura…

Guaranteed loss

I mean solo que is unplayable in ranked cause of this and many other reasons. Its not so much the picks as it is the players. They do not try to win and if they troll you, the only person being punished is you. While the other team will have a premade so they can carry or deal with 1 troll or not have them at all so they are more likely to get wins alone based on that.