Solo Queue Experience

As of this moment - I’ll probably no longer play ranked for this game. These past 2 seasons have been unbearable from the matchmaking, the toxicity, the overall experience has just made playing ranked just not fun for me. I’ve spent years on this game… spent money because I believed in the game… as a customer it deeply saddens me that “match-making” changes in ranked have been the direct cause for me having the shyttiest (for lack of a better word) games these past two seasons… I will just play unranked and the “growing” popular ARAM… even though that’s really NOT the mode that I want to play hahaha… oh well… things happens right?


uhm…ok i guess? dont understand the point of an own topic for a problem which is known for years i mean…theres not much to discuss here

I say it to everyone. Solo que is unplayble in ranked. You have to premade otherwise you are gonna get floods and floods of trolls while you play against the same premades. I have used this season to test that and almost 100 games. over 70% of them i was against premades. Its a terrible system but blizzard gave up so.


Unranked draft is not the mode you want. It has the smallest playerbase of all the modes. It’s just a worse version of SL. Don’t trick yourself into falling for that depression pit.

Watching carbot animations, heroes wtf moments, and playing with friends brings joy back into the game if you’ve lost it to the flamers or the rigid, stagnant draft meta. It’s a breath of fresh air.

I also agree that it’s good to take breaks from ranked and stretch out your roster + talents in QM + ARAM. Always do this if you start feeling like SL is a forced grind or just want to relax a bit. Once you’re sick of casuals, you know you’re ready for ranked again.

Just enjoy the game and do your best. Don’t worry about your rank.

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Premades wasn’t the problem… it has been how the matchmaking system matches mmrs… the whole bringing winrates as close to 50% as possible bit… matching people who don’t have the same skill set or game insight with the hope that “it will make everyone better” is probably the biggest downside… I tested my theory with a smurf… and while yes the games I got were increasingly “challenging”… it was more of teammates making more and more bad decisions rather than being outplayed… premades have no bearing on that except taking advantage of those mistakes… I noticed that those occurrences happen less in High Plat/Low Diamond games… (which is where my smurf is currently [Plat 1])… which is an entire division above where my “main” is… Gold 3 & dropping hahaha…


They do actually. When you are in a solid 5 man premade those mistakes will happen so much less. While the problem you just talked about with your team mates making bad decisions or just outright trolling will happen so much that it becomes impossible to win.

I did my own test this season, i played little over 100 games solo que then played the rest in no less than 3 man premades and the difference is just absurd. I fell from diamond 3 to plat 4 and then i climbed from plat 4 back to diamond 4. Still a little work to go but still.

So many players in this game do not understand the basic game play and then everyone is so self centered that when you try to talk to them and tell them what they are doing is wrong and hurting the team, They freak out and just give up or throw even more so. I gave up trying to help players and even communicate in this game due to this problem. I turned off team chat and only talk to my premade friends when we group.

That’s how I would normally try to not fall for the depression pit… I QM after a string of losses or bad game experiences… I think QM is worse than ranked because the matchmaking system there is horrrrreeeeennnnndous hahaha

If by “toxicity” you mean, trolls and jerks on your team? Easy fix: Set everyone to ignore at the start of a match. I do this every time. Matches are much more ‘chill’ and i play better and kick butt too. Pinging is really the only communication you need in this game.

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I do ignore hahaha… how do you get people to respond to your pings?? hahahahahaha That’s probably been the part that I have the hardest time with…

You wont. you just hope people are not bad and listen to good plays instead of afking

What about people picking heroes that they have at level 1? It’s unfair, this shouldn’t be allowed. I think that if you suck so much to be ranked at bronze 5, with a huge malus to the points you get for a win, you should only play with other suckers. Also I’m struggling finding people to group. WTF is wrong with this game? It has become an unbearable ball breaking thing

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make the ranked point system the same as wow. it is impossible to not be bronze 5. you should gain more with a win then a loss, you should also be rewarded more points for ppl that have no freinds. also, im not reading any replies cus well…yall are toxic af

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Honestly I could agree with this. That way chain losses and chain wins would mean more in this game.

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Yup Stacked games over and over in Solo Q and it’s always the other team that is Stacked…
It’s because when you group a team of 5 the system can’t find another team of 5 so it just puts that team against randoms… It’s a complete disadvantage and unfair game when this happens and it’s WAY too often.
Either play with a stack or don’t play, and as you can see because this game is Trash and dead, people have made the correct choice to not play.

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Two bots in first 10 minutes. Then both potatoes return and become worse than bots, awesome!