So, how was your rank grind?

I dipped as low as 90% into bronze 5 or so. I got out, played games, then got invited to a group while deep bronze. Played a few games with them, won them and then went to play solo again, and kept climbing, got into a couple more groups and played a few more games, some wins and some losses. I in the end preferred playing solo so I did that when I could. Eventually I got out of bronze…Now I’ve dipped down to 90% into bronze 1. I’m teetering between Silver 5 and Bronze 1, but I know I’ll get up there. I got angry today and uninstalled HOTS and Battle net, then I reinstalled because like a drug addict, I’m addicted to this game and Blizzard is my dealer.

Fell from diamond 3 to gold 4 cause of getting a afk or a troll every single game. Its insane how bad that problem is in this game. Back up to plat 5 but meh

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Yeah, its a big problem, one that has yet to be tackled in this game. Once that problem is fixed, I think hots will be much better. I enjoy playing hots and playing in storm league, but the trolls make it more difficult at times to rank up. I’m sitting at silver 4 in NA and Silver 5 in EU atm.

It wont be fixed, Played this game sense release and it gets worse and worse due to changes in matchmaking they have done and the lack of punishment in a timely manner for these troll players.

I just wish they would fix the report system where it worked. I hear the only thing that works is reporting for text chat abuse.

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all the rest works too, but less efficiently

Yeah considering rank mode reporting for abusive chat can get them a silence so they cant play rank, i think? Maybe?
Overall getting a silence for these people is a big win, but i guess its the usual 12500 reports before they get the first warning then 35000 more to get t he silence. Or 5000000 reports. Who knows, i talk s… but havent suffered that yet : s

Update, I’m now Silver 1. Almost back to my highest rank. I look forward to getting towards platinum in the future. I’m hoping I can get into some juicy games.

games dead, ranks wont mean anything cause no skilled players left