Smurf accounts good or bad?

How is it cheating? Smurfing doesnt give you any advantage over others.


What if I smurf because I dont wanna lower my mmr on my main account when I am tired but still wanna play?

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Yep, I’m getting tired of those. “I’m challenger in lol”. “my main was GM in all seasons, I’m just banned”.

Yet, the smurf dies 4 times in the first few minutes, blames the entire team and plays like Silver 5. Which is probably because it is a Silver 5 who made a new account.

I used to not care about profiles, not even ranks, I just wanted to have fun. But now I am very wary of playing with a smurf who is not at least +70% win ratio (sometimes you have to since friends want to invite them).

I will not press ready again if there is a “smurf” in the party who has 49% win rate against new players. That’s not even a smurf, it is just some veteran desperate to beat newbies but cannot even do that.

Isn’t that what Unranked is “supposed” to be for?

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Unranked isnt ranked I rather have people not troll and grief. Also it still lowers the accounts mmr.

But don’t you get trolling and griefing in low MMR Ranked also? So how is Smurfing in bronze any better troll/grief wise than using your main account in Unranked?

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Unranked has an MMR too which can be lost = can lead to toxicity since people don’t want to lose MMR in any mode.

I can’t think of a full solution right now, I have been thinking of Blizzard automatically mirroring your Ranked MMR to Unranked and QM. Which means if you have played Storm League, your SL MMR is your QM and Unranked MMR (but not the other way around) as well.

Which would mean you could never gain or lose MMR in QM or Unranked as a Storm League player, they would simply be fun modes like Brawl. Which would decrease toxicity a lot.

People who only play QM or Unranked (and never go SL) would of course be able to gain and lose MMR as usual to get better or worse opponents in those modes.

In the long run maybe it is just best to play in Vs. AI by yourself…


True, there is no MMR there, just the solitude of bots. But it doesn’t give many people enough challenge, they want human opponents.

For the time being, I don’t think this can be solved except by only playing Brawl with friends of varying ranks and MMR’s. Those wins/losses don’t count against you in any way.

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Or maybe joining one of the HotS leagues… Khaldor is always talking about how much better league play is even over ranked.

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What is a league ?..

I think Heroes Lounge is probably the best one to try out (

It has organized team play for all skill levels, and if you don’t have friends who play they will find you a team to play on.

Well, you play against player who has low mmr, so yeah, it’s not cheating, but actually a low blow.

Yeah, that’s what Frog said: high winrate and free wins.

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The only good reason to smurf is to play with low-ranked friends.

I admit I chuckled at Harbinger’s situation ^^^ re: avoiding someone. :slight_smile:

But doing it out of spite for being banned is just a dick move compounding many dick moves (apparently): a way to take one’s bitterness out on others. Doing it for some free wins is not malicious, but rather lazy.

Besides, how do you propose Blizzard deal with their – as you say – “problem customers”?

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It’s a good reason to smurf to not get banned although I dont really know why any1 would fear a ban in this game. I got banned on smurf accounts but I also risked it by talking too much and it wasnt even for abusive chat but for inting which I didnt do actually I just sarcasemd and blizzard doesnt look at replays but just auto bans people with enough reports.

Smurf accounts, good for Blizzard, bad for players.

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Smurfing absolutely increases number of registered accounts thus players . odd that this needed explaining

the figures activision/blizzard uses on their reports is “engagement hours”

it doesn’t matter what account you’re playing on, only that you’re playing and the time doing so is logged. The case of worry then wouldn’t be smurfs, but farm bots and multi-boxers, though third-party programs are supposed to be prohibited, the exploitive aspect of those quirks should be quelled, while the other parts "such as active monthly subscriptions, wouldn’t care if one person has several accounts.

However, since blizz doesn’t report the active players for HoTs, the claim smurfs inflates that doesn’t matter. The general concern of a ‘smurf’ account is that it’s kinda a form of new game+, reset your progressive, but not your experience and just go through the same motions over again to progress through the gameplay ‘faster’.

As much as player may want to bemoan smurfs for any number of reasons (excluding legit new players that are just better than their peers and need to climb) its pretty much a slander base to blame other people while neglecting that more game/genres are adding forms of “newgame +” because when a person does so themselves, it feels good to them, and gratification & self satisfaction are more honest than any claim of group people want to evoke when it suits them.

so lot’s of good reasons to have a smurf account but not a single valid reason not to have one . you are right about one thing i’m not a customer that would imply that a financial transaction is taking place . at this point they would have to earn my money somehow and i don’t see that happening . long live the smurfs