Small rank points in 5th bronze

Hello there, near 1 year ago was some issue with disconnections (i opened a ticket and issue was solved), after this disconnections i got low prior and was moved to 5th bronze, as i remember i was in 2nd bronze, and now i receive 25-26 points even when i close to get 4th bronze rank

Can anyone check my account, maybe there are some ban or penalty on me?

There’s no bug nor is your account penalized, that’s just how Bronze 5 works now.

With the new design, players in Bronze 5 will gain/lose far fewer points per game than players in all of the other leagues and divisions.

The reason for the decrease in points awarded in Bronze 5 is that the range of ratings that maps to Bronze 5 is much larger than other divisions.

So 5th bronze this is hole with no exit… now i start to get 15 points at all matches

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Mysterious ranks below the bottom rank should not exist in this game though. Players see this system and see what the game has done to them and it will remove any desire or will to try to improve knowing that if they do improve, they will not see a difference for 100+ games which I highly doubt many players that low wish to play.

If it took me that many games to rank up from diamond 4 to 3 then I would just flat out quit myself.

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