Slow loading issue

I have been having this issue for quite sometime now, and could never really understand why…

  1. game loads slow from the loading scree and when i get into the play modes it still takes at least couple mins to load. anyone know whats causing this?

Hey Jeremy,

Slow loading like this may be due to the game being installed on a slow or fragmented harddrive. If you do have the game installed on a traditional spinning harddrive (rather than a solid state drive) try running the scandisk and defrag to see if that helps speed things up. A quick reinstall of the game, if that hasn’t been done in a while, may also help.

In some cases slow loading can also be due to RAM issues (too many programs running in the background) or possibly a connection issue between you and the server. Try closing background applications before playing and if you’re using a wifi connection try switching to a direct wired connection if possible.