SL Team (Bronze Only)

Didn’t wanna re-write it, just relinked.

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I gotta say, read your post on my stream and to my friends. Was super entertaining and woth the time.

Awn don’t be a dick :frowning: He just want people that aren’t brain dead…

True, but he can’t get out of Bronze. And Fan doesn’t use quick cast, but play with him and, “You Will.” Found it entertaining but nothing but good wishes.

Gam3rX#1733 would like to join with u, I definitely am
serious and looking to climb back to gold where I was previously


Add me.


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Sent you a request…

please add me

I’d love to join. I enjoy the competition but more enjoy having fun and improving. I tend to prefer healers, but I enjoy other roles as well.


What u IGN or send me mine is Hamada#21747

add me: Prodigy#12594

I’m down add me ElvenFrost#1877

Add me ChessKing#11772

Please add me. So tired of these guys. from b5 to s3, it’s the same thing. Throw throw throw.

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Hey i would like to join you, im bronze 1 atm, and have big roster of heroes, can fill all roles, hero lvl 615, add me if you want