Creating SL Team (Bronze ONLY)

Alright, so here’s the deal – real sick of sitting in Bronze, so I’m starting a team.
Looking for members to join me. BRONZE ONLY
Here are the requirements:
You must have a level of maturity which one could only describe as “humbled”. Don’t think you’re never the reason the game went poorly, it totally could be, and you must be willing to accept that, conversely, NO ONE on this team will judge you for it.
A general working knowledge of the maps and their timings, best (or better than your opponents) pathing (I really can’t stress this one enough, pathing is everything).
Decent knowledge of heroes and their counters. It’s totally cool if you don’t know every single counter to every single hero, cause in my opinion, every hero can, in SOME fashion, go toe to toe with the other – which brings me to my next point
The ability to adapt talent choices according to enemy composition.
Macro/Micro. I’m using these terms as if it were StarCraft. Macro for map, Micro for the Hero (I know they somehow got altered or redefined for this game but… I view them as such, and I think it keeps things simpler and easier)
Macro: Eyes on map, watch for rotations, yellow needs blue and so on.
Micro: Quick fingers and a snappy wrist. If you don’t use auto-cast, you will. If you don’t know how to self-cast, you will. We’re looking at the minutiae of spell casting, auto-attacks, picking talents while moving, everything.
So far these are all (mostly) gameplay requirements.
Now for you.
Honestly, you must be able to take constructive criticism. I, if anyone knows me, am extremely critical. I’ll admit it. But, I am a firm believer that if someone doesn’t point out what you’ve done wrong, you WILL continue to make that same mistake, over, and over, and over again - because no one wants to be wrong, everyone believes they’re right (most of the time), in my experience. You must be able to take the CONSTRUCTIVE (there will never be harsh words thrown at ANYONE) CRITICISM, and LEARN from it.
As far as attitude goes, I want nothing to do with anyone who thinks they’re better than anyone else. Or that guy who thinks that the game is won with giant numbers. You win this game by strategy. That big number, yeah it might be big but… Here’s something for you to chew on:’s been chompin’ away at Stitches all game long and Stitches goes and heals himself instantly for quarter health. All that damage actually just cancels itself out and just becomes… A pretty painting on the wall. It’s nothing. It contributed nothing. However, one good Assassinate(combined with Ambush to reduce armor) into Mutilate from Valeera, and you’ve either instantly killed a mage, or completely taken an enemy hero out of combat. Meanwhile is still auto attacking stitches, inflating her numbers thinking she’s a way better player than Valeera. If you are, you will have no place on this team. If your mind works like Valeera, you are more than welcome.

Contact in-game Enji#11350
Spots open: 5

Hey, im silver 5. I’m always ready to listen but I’m not the best at micro. I’m not too too bad at macro though.

@ShiaLaBeouf This post is real and is obviously not for you. To everyone else: please don’t let his comments discourage you from applying.

I’ll remove my comment then, sorry !

But I think you’re asking too much out of your fellow bronze leaguers ! Just play to have fun :smiley:

I would be happy to join.